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A California high school teacher was arrested after video surfaced of him allegedly punching one of his students who used a racial slur, CBS Los Angeles reports. Marston Riley, 64, was released November 3 from the Los Angeles County Jail after posting $50,000 bail, according to reports.

Cellphone video showed the student taunting Riley, calling him the N-word and cursing at him. Riley was clearly growing more frustrated and then he began repeatedly hitting the student, and at one point, using an object to hit him.

The student was taken to the hospital with moderate injuries and released, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

The video circulated online, see below:

“I was scared for the kid, and partly for the teacher too,” a student who witnessed the fight told CBS Los Angeles.

The fight allegedly  began after the teacher said the student was not wearing the proper school uniform, the witness told the station. The student responded with racist comments.

“It was just back and forth, back and forth, and then the teacher just decided to throw a punch and that’s when everything happened,” the witness said.

GoFundMe page has been created by the teacher’s supporters to raise money for his legal fees. They say he’s been physically or verbally attacked in the past.

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23 thoughts on “High School Teacher Arrested After Fighting A Student During Class

  1. This teacher should have been fired and he should also go to prison for beating a minor. Being called the n-word does not give an adult the right to beat up a child. The kid should be suspended. The teacher should never be allowed to teach school anywhere again. If he beat my kid like that I would be waiting for him behind a dark corner and let him know what it feels like.

  2. meg brown on said:

    I understand why that black man teacher came after the Hispanic boy student because of his racist, disrespectful mouth calling him the N word and I must admit the fight was rather funny and entertaining to watch it was like a mixed between some trashy reality TV fights as seen on Jersey Shore and the Jerry Springer show but in a high school classroom setting without the cameramen involved but unfortunately for the teacher he got fired for his racist stupid ass.

    • @meg brown: Those who fired the brother were PROBABLY hispanics too! The brother should NOT be fired, the racist hispanic kid assaulted the brother FIRST with the basketball, in words to say, the brother was DEFENDING himself

      • It doesn’t matter what race did it it was wrong and I believe the kid got his ass beat and deserve more stop bringing race into this you’re another one of those types that causes problems in our society leave Race out of it we’re all human beings

      • Willie on said:

        @Ray: the hispanic called the black teacher the Nword several times, therefore RACE is the MAJOR factor of the subject-matter.

  3. Robert A on said:

    That thug got what he deserved and that teacher should be a hero. But what bothers me is where is the outrage from the NAACP? the ACLU? Obama? Maxine Waters. AL Sharpton? any black leader? Are they so afraid of losing the latino vote that they are willing to remain silent on this physical , verbal and racist attack on a 64 year old teacher? The silence is sickening to me. Please help this good teacher out and donate to his GOFUND ME page

  4. aquarius on said:

    I agree 100% with Sgt Steve and this is why I decided
    not to teach. Most of these kids are so disrespectful,
    In and out of school. It’s a shame… The boy hit first. I don’t believe that it’s a race issue, this is how they talk (most kids). He along with so many others are disrespectful and a good ass whopping won’t hurt.
    He was just taught a valuable lesson about respect and and assaultinf someone. (Albeit a basketball) He should’ve been arrested too.
    “On my mama” What???

  5. It’s easy to pass judgment on someone when ur not the one dealing with an issue. Now this teacher has had problems in the past with students getting physical and being disrespectful. This student learned to be rude and racist from somebody. It’s amazing how some Hispanics are racist towards blacks. If they’d look in the mirror they’d see that they are a race of color also. And that the white man has been driving a wedge between races of color for centuries. Which is why I don’t refer to myself as a minority. Instead, I’m a majority. Think about it….there are more ppl within races of color than the white race alone. So dividing us keeps the white man on top.

    • @Lenora, the critique is that the white man is not responsible nor can we blame the white man for the hatred Hispanics have for Black People, where History reveals BEFORE there was white people, Hispanics, who are REALLY INDIANS, are born with an innate hatred for Black People, which was the driving force of the Hispanic student toward the Black teacher.

  6. Phillip Ramos on said:

    The teacher is wrong for his aggressive response to all of the student taunts. How ever he will get in trouble and may never work again because of his actions but he did was for something greater than himself. He did it for the RST of the teachers in America who are continuously abused by a very large percentage. The students are not dumb they know they may get sent out with a referral to the office but really what’s the cost ?? Teachers do what the parents in our country do not do which is raise and make children responsible adults. The parents s are the blame here and I know some people have excuses with bad situations but that’s what it is just and excuse.. children reflect their home life and mimic it out side their home. I would ask for the teacher to be heavily punished. Laws need to change to punish the children just as the adults. So In regards to the student I would just say. How did feel to be humiliated and whooped in front of your classmate?

  7. americanize on said:

    I don’t give a shit what nobody says,kudos to the teacher this little young Hispanic racist thought he had a punk old man he can scare,the tables were turned when he saw the teacher was wiping that azz.Black America you have no friends.Donate to his go fundme page.I’ll bet that little Hispanic racist learned his lesson.

  8. The teacher is the adult. If he could not get the kid to leave the class room, call security. He has no right to attack a 14 year old. If he cannot control his temper, he has no business in a classroom. Kids are going to work your nerves. The child should be suspended from school for his actions but that teacher needs to go.

    • Steve Miller on said:

      I’ll say firstly, I am white, 70 yr old, former Sgt USMC. Second, the 14 yr old threw a basketball at the teacher, the kid made it physical. As far as I’m concerned Mr. Riley had the right to not only defend himself against further aggression, but also eliminate the possible risk to other students; whether they be black or hispanic, since the kid was acting irrationally. He should not be required to ‘wait for security’; that punk kid may have been ready to be the next shooter. He needed to be stopped. If any of you know Mr. Riley or his attorney, please get this msg to him; may make a plausible defense argument point. Let’s quell the racism; we all need to make our way in this world peacefully and care for one another./steve

    • Yes agreed. These teachers are out of control. He should not be working. He ruined his own career over a child. His life was not threatened at any point. Sad that he can’t handle disrespect. He could have gotten the kid suspended/expelled for assault and would not have to deal with him. It’s crazy how much support he’s getting.

      • @Anna: He is receiving support bec. Black People know the ROOT cause of the CLASH is the HATRED you hispanics have for Black People. That hatred & disrespect for Black People, which is thick in your hispanic culture, is the FORCE which motivated the hispanic student.

    • Mac Daddy not Baby Daddy on said:

      Everyone does, including ourselves. That’s like saying cancer is the leading cause of cancer. Nobody likes being around blacks, nobody

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