Comedian Chris Paul Suffered A Stroke, His Wife Urges You To Take Your Health Seriously


The Tom Joyner Morning Show‘s very own Chris Paul suffered a stroke earlier this month. His wife Rachel shares the story of what happened that day, and according to her there were no signs. That morning was just like any other morning, until it wasn’t.

Things got very scary, very fast and seemingly out of nowhere. She says Chris was like many other people, he thought he was safe because he was taking his medication; unfortunately that’s not enough. She urges everyone to not only go to the doctor, but follow all of the doctor’s instructions.

Hear her powerful testimony in the audio above.


21 thoughts on “Comedian Chris Paul Suffered A Stroke, His Wife Urges You To Take Your Health Seriously

  1. Music was annoying! But message was so powerful. God bless you and your family. I pray for your husband’s speedy recovery and for your strength as his caregiver. I was in a similar situation with my husband before he passed away last year from diabetes related illnesses (hbp, ckd, and strokes). Take care😘

  2. PATRICIA JACKSON on said:

    I pray that he gets better. My mother had a stroke in 01. I had just moved to the south to be close to her, a month after I arrived she had it. She is doing well, but the residuals have been rough on her. Others can’t tell that she had a stroke, but I can see the differences. Thanks for your information that you are sharing. PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE!! EAT RIGHT, BECAUSE IT WILL CATCH UP WITH YOU!!

  3. My prayers are with the Paul’s …praying for healing! Thank you so much for sharing your story, you will never know how many lives you saved by describing the symptoms that Chris was experiencing. I agree that as a community we have to share our medical stories in order to help each other. We as African Americans are slowly killing ourselves due to our diets and not exercising!

    Blessings to you both!

  4. Pat Marshall on said:

    Rachel, Thank you for sharing the story regarding Chris health scare. Everything you mentioned about taking your health seriously makes a lot of sense. I’m praying for you, Chris and the entire family. See you soon in H-Town and/or on the boat in 2019. Much Love! Pat #FantasticFamily

  5. Della 1 on said:

    My prayers are with you Chris and your family. Get well very soon and thank you Mrs. Paul I will do as my doctor say. Again get well soon.

  6. Felishia McPherson on said:

    We are with you Chris & Rachel, we all can do better as we get older, caring for ourselves & loved ones!!! #FANTASTICFamOnLand&&&Sea💞💞💞

  7. Lori Ann Watts on said:

    Thank you for the reminder. Modern medicine is great but good old fashion diet, exercise and sleep are not replaceable. Peace to you and your family.

    • Donat Grant is right! But, when you’re feeling out of sorts, we usually call the person closest to us. Some years ago, I, too, suffered a stroke. I was st work and the first person I called was my boyfriend. He came quickly, but our loved ones do not have the equipment that paramedics have to be able to help us. So, I get it. But, what she shouldn’t have done was turn around to go get his wallet. However, she had no idea it was life threatening. Time lost is brain lost.

  8. Carl Whitney II on said:

    Great interview with helpful reminders and warnings! Just experienced a similar episode and spent 5 hours in an ER last weekend. Thanks to my daughter and my spouse for recognizing symptoms I did not see. Taking the meds aren’t enough; remain diligent in exercising and controlling eating habits! Medication and exercise are the key!!

  9. M. Byrd on said:

    Men’s health, especially Black men’s health, is a very important issue. Take it from someone that’s the 3rd or possibly 4th person in his family that has now survived prostate cancer. That being said, I wish this interview could have been heard without the background music. Sorry to complain but, it almost made me click out because I wanted to hear and understand what she was saying without the music that although went with her words but, was just annoying as hell to me.

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