Michael Jr.’s ‘More Than Funny’ Is Coming To Theaters For One Night Only


Comedian Michael Jr. brings the hardships of real life and comedy to the big screen in More Than Funny. The film features three real-life stories, chosen to inspire the audience. It was shot in front of a live audience at one of his comedy shows, and he’s bringing it to a theater near you for one night only, October 18.

One of the stories is about a deaf woman who struggled to find someone to care for her special needs son. In a touching moment onstage at Michael’s show she found a caregiver, in the audience, for her son. Michael says, that moment sent chills down his spine.

After the inspiration it’s right back to the laughs. Michael was initially surprised that the transition was so smooth. “You’d think it wouldn’t work,” he said, but it does!

You can see this movie in 600 theaters across the country only on October 18. Click here for tickets. 

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2 thoughts on “Michael Jr.’s ‘More Than Funny’ Is Coming To Theaters For One Night Only

  1. Michael Jr. is a Christian comedian whose comedy is his calling from God. Some of his stories will move you to tears. Love him!

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