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Dating can be tough. It can be even tougher for women when they hit a certain age or when they aren’t open to exploring outside of their dating criteria.

In this episode of Brunch Therapy with Jasmine Sanders, Sanders reveals how one bad kiss with a White man steered her away from interracial dating. According to her, his mouth tasted like “wood” and since then she has avoided interracial dating as much as possible.

Will she ever try it again? Find out here.



One thought on “Brunch Therapy Pod: Do All White Men’s Mouths Taste Like Wood?

  1. Do not kiss just any man. Kiss one you are attracted to. There was one guy who tried to kiss me for years, I would not let him, because his breath stunk like last week’s chicken that died between his molars. Apparently no woman would kiss him either, since he kept on pursuing me until I blocked him due to stupid things he kept on saying.

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