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10 thoughts on “How To Contact The D.L. Hughley Show

  1. Sheila Howard on said:

    This is a really good show that we should continue to support. Thanks for not being scare however I would like to request that we all along with you offer solutions not continue just talk about things that are being done to our people. Lets not stop until something is done. We brought down R Kelley and Bill Cosby .I am not talking against theses men just using them for example .Why cant we do the same when white police officers are killing and abusing our people. We need to get some people out of office, Your show is excellent however we need to talk about what to do to solve these problems .We do too talking but not taking action. look at the news for Jax yesterday on July 4 2019 in Jacksonville Florida. Black man head slam on concrete by white police

  2. Pertrise on said:

    Why is it hard for our black people to get a good paying job I’m a single black mother been unemployed 3 months I get alot of John doe emails and I feel I’m being discriminated cause I’m black and I refuse to kiss white fokes ass for a job they hired a White boy and Mexican and they weren’t dress business professional for the interview because I’m black I didn’t get offered the job

  3. David Harris on said:

    Blessing to you all! Love your show!!
    Very proud that you are such a thoughtful voice for our community
    I would respectfully ask that you please first do some due diligence on Kamala Harris, perhaps open up dialogue about her past. Her record does not show a history of promoting our community. Talk about her history on prison over-crowding issues and three strikes.
    Look at the 2010 instance where a judge criticized her office for hiding the criminal acts of crime lab technician. I think others like Stacey Abrams are deserving of more support and focus.

  4. Natalie Mack on said:

    I just moved to Greenville S.C 6 months ago since then my daughter has been bullied to the point she finally had to defend herself when she did the Oakview Elementary school charged my 10 year with Assault and battery. They say they investigated by intimidating small children without parents consent. I feel she is being targeted because now she being suspended due to what they say is property damage which is a small pin hole in a tent in the library now the principal says she didn’t do it on purpose she was trying poke a little boy she liked to get his attention. These schools are targeting our black children they have kindergarten kids thinking there dumb because they cant read and they dont know greater than and less than at 5 years old.. Be aware i see and its not right…

  5. Aaron Smith on said:

    DL Ur ThaMan My Bro.! I Luv how U kept Ur Fam together. That’s Real Blk-Man Stuff Sir. Ur Wife Deserves Mad Respect-2.! I Luv U-2 4-That.! Now….
    DL Y do we let these Crackers get away w/ Still Saying Bad Lies about The Best President Ever.! They say this IDIOT in Ofc Now if clever because he doesn’t tell his every move. Pres.Obama tried doing that & RACIST should up @ WhtHouse steps w/ Weapons. Their Still looking for yeast on The Obama’s. This is how Clean they are & we need to say this All the time.! And if Blk-Folks Don’t VOTE this Orange RACIST will get in again
    Please say this stuff DL.
    Ur The Best Man

    • Somebody on said:

      Lmao first off learn how to talk dumbass and don’t worry trump the man WILL be back in office haha and for Obama stupid ass cant lead monkeys into a jungle ass wont shit got to be president because he think he is black and I will be voting for trump again just like I did before lol and oh yea HE IS YOUR PRESIDENT DUMB FUCK

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