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4 thoughts on “How To Contact The D.L. Hughley Show

  1. Aaron Smith on said:

    DL Ur ThaMan My Bro.! I Luv how U kept Ur Fam together. That’s Real Blk-Man Stuff Sir. Ur Wife Deserves Mad Respect-2.! I Luv U-2 4-That.! Now….
    DL Y do we let these Crackers get away w/ Still Saying Bad Lies about The Best President Ever.! They say this IDIOT in Ofc Now if clever because he doesn’t tell his every move. Pres.Obama tried doing that & RACIST should up @ WhtHouse steps w/ Weapons. Their Still looking for yeast on The Obama’s. This is how Clean they are & we need to say this All the time.! And if Blk-Folks Don’t VOTE this Orange RACIST will get in again
    Please say this stuff DL.
    Ur The Best Man

    • Somebody on said:

      Lmao first off learn how to talk dumbass and don’t worry trump the man WILL be back in office haha and for Obama stupid ass cant lead monkeys into a jungle ass wont shit got to be president because he think he is black and I will be voting for trump again just like I did before lol and oh yea HE IS YOUR PRESIDENT DUMB FUCK

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