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Lady Mae (Lynn Whitfield) is bringing down the hammer on everyone except her old buddy, best friend Maxine Patterson (Pattie LaBelle) who drops into Calvary to pay a visit. They have some tricks up their sleeve on how to keep Mae in the church, or even RUNNING the church without Bishop (Keith David) as the head pastor but, we’ll get to that in a second.

First let’s get into this —

Charity Greenleaf (Deborah Joy WInans) if you don’t pull yourself ALL THE WAY together you’re going to lose that baby! She’s still taking pills and sleeping on the couch while baby Nathan is screaming and crying at the top of his lungs. If it weren’t for Marisol, poor Nathan would be ignored, neglected and who knows what else.

Mae gets so frustrated with Charity’s shenanigans she turns the electricity off in her suite to motivate her to get up, get out and get something. Or at least just try to be a fit mother because Mae is starting to doubt that she can be one. She wants Charity to get it together and fix her life so she calls in the QUEEN of fix your life.

Yes beloved, you need to get your ish together and only the bold, unapologetic words of Dr (Iyanla) Vanzant can make that happen, so Mae brings her in. She pulls all of Charity’s cards from her deck. She calls out the fact that she married a gay man who could never love her the way she wants to be loved and suggests that she knew the whole time that Kevin (Tye White) was gay. Charity tells Dr. Vanzant that Kevin made her feel safe. Now, she’s feeling unsafe and unwanted.

Dr. Vanzant suggests Charity have a family counseling session with Bishop and Mae so she can tell them that she never felt safe growing up. Mae takes Charity’s admission as a personal attack against her and lashes out. She has too much on her plate to deal with Charity’s problems when she has her own going on with this divorce.

Meanwhile, Mae’s granddaughters are going through their own battles.


Zora (Lovie Simone) is still slip, slidin’ and hidin, to talk to her boo. Since she has no access to her cell phone or laptop, she goes through Marisol’s purse to use her phone. Then she finds an available computer at the church she can use. They’re definitely planning something together; we just don’t know what it is yet. In the meantime, she’s not getting along with Mae while living in her house because she’s not the one to fall for the okey doke.

So now Zora wants to go home. She calls her mother and Kerissa (Kim Hawthorne) and asks if she can come back. Kerissa empathizes with her but Jacob…Jacob (Lamman Rucker) is not having it. He flat-out says no.

Sophia (Desiree Ross) is at home recovering from her surgery and struggling with her faith now that she can’t have kids. She’s questioning why God allowed this to happen to her. Her boyfriend, Roberto, is trying to be as supportive as he can but she’s too angry and in such a dark space to let him console her. She doesn’t even want to go to church any longer. She tells her mother that she’s done with any and everything that has to do with church.

Grace (Merle Dandridge) and Rochelle (LeToya Luckett) have a domestic violence case that can be just what they need to get their domestic violence ministry off the ground. A woman has recently been charged with murdering her husband with a hammer because he abused her.

Grace and Darius (Rick Fox) take a meeting with Rochelle to discuss the case but it seems that all Rochelle can focus on is Darius. She’s looking a little too hard and flirting even harder while Grace sitting right there. Let’s just hope Darius doesn’t fall victim to her trickery. That will give the church something else to talk about but, right now the scuttlebutt is all about Bishop and Mae’s divorce.

They finally make the announcement to the church congregation. They walk up to the podium on the pulpit holding hands in a united front in front of Calvary and say their marriage is over. The congregation is in shock.

Bishop goes on to tell everyone that this is not a knee-jerk decision. They’ve prayed about it. They’ve cried about it. And they still reached the same place. Though they will still be “family,” everything else will soon come to an end. But Lady Mae insists that she will remain an active first lady until after her annual church event, “A Day With Lady Mae.”

She says this year’s event will be special and announces Maxine Patterson will be the guest speaker. Their theme and topic will be centered on all the great women of the Bible and the strong women in the church, with a slogan you can’t forget – SHE changes everything!

I have a feeling that Mae and Maxine together are truly about to change the game. We have to wait and see.


Wanda J. Coppage is a full -time Music Director at an Urban AC radio station, journalist and proud Virginia State University alum – Go Trojans! As a music enthusiast who can’t go a day without hearing R&B/Soul or Classic Hip Hop as well as a TV passionista, why not live a life that covers both?  



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2 thoughts on “Greenleaf Season 3, Episode 6 ‘She Changes Everything’

  1. Monica Allenbaugh on said:

    Oxycodone DOES NOT make you as “strung out” as you’re making it seem!!!!! I take offense to that! As someone who NEEDS it for pain, I DO NOT act like Charity does and really resent the fact that you make her act as such! Shame on you!!!

    • Calm down Monica. See, this is where people get into trouble. Mistaking television portrayals as real life. It’s tv. It’s entertainment. But here you are, all foaming at the mouth with your panties in a bunch about a fictional character taking fictional drugs that make her react in a way that will entertain viewers. Calm down. It’s not real. Not even a little. You’re good.

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