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The man accused of murdering a black man in New York last year told investigators that he was on a mission to purge the Earth of black people, reports the New York Post.

“I think we should just preserve the best people and get rid of all the dead weight,” James Jackson, 30, can be heard saying in the confession tape. “In my opinion blacks are inferior people.”

Later in the interview, he added, “I think they need to be exterminated.”

On March 20, 2017, Jackson reportedly spotted Timothy Caughman, 66, stooped over a pile of trash, scavenging for cans and bottles, and stabbed him in the back with a sword. Caughman was then stabbed in the chest as he fell to the ground, reports the Post.

“I thought it would be a lot easier,” said Jackson, referring to the difficulty of subduing his victim. “It was a lot harder.”

“It was weird. I didn’t feel great. I didn’t feel horrible either. I thought it [the murder] would send me into a blood rage fury,” recalled Jackson in the videotaped interview that was played Tuesday at a pretrial hearing.

The Post reports that during an interrogation he told the detectives that he stalked as many as 15 people and targeted black men with white women.

He allegedly said he wanted to start a national dialogue about the evils of race mixing, which he called “the main crux” of his white supremacist beliefs.

Instead of following through on his murder spree, he turned himself in one day after the murder.

Before being transported to central booking, Jackson reportedly asked whether he’d be alone in a cell once he got there.

Det. Joseph Barbara said that Jackson told him, “If I’m in with a black man, I’ll definitely kill him.” The exchange was not part of the taped interview according to the Post.

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39 thoughts on “White Supremacist Accused Of Murder Wanted To Purge Black People From Earth

  1. Christianforreal on said:

    Note, he said he wanted to kill black business men or thugs, but who did he actually kill AND big bad white supremacist then turned himself in. Probably did that for protection and that is why he made the claim thst he’d kill a black man of on the cell with him. Looking for protection going in.

    • vdabney722 on said:

      Yep. Wanted to make sure he DIDN’T get in a cell with a black man, because he’s afraid HE would be killed first. This guy is a Coward who is Deathly afraid of black people, and the only way he’ll feel safe is behind bars, by himself, in solitary, or with white people (who would probably kill this punk anyway.)

  2. Christianfotreal on said:

    Note, he said he wanted to kill black business men or thugs, but who did he actually kill AND big bad white supremacist then turned himself in. Probably did that for protection and that is why he made the claim thst he’d kill a black man of on the cell with him. Looking for protection going in.

    • Its hilarious how black people poke fun at white people and call them cave men when whites are the ones who invented everything that you use and you can barely even get out of bed each day and get by. Not to mention that black men have the lowest average IQ’s followed by black women.

      • You really are showing your inbred ignorance here. Learn some real history about who developed what in this country and then come back to this thread and at least attempt to hold an intelligent conversation. Now head on back to your trailer – – a cold one is waiting for you.

      • My poor unimformed And ignorant white being. Your beings were in caves while African society was enjoying The benefits of indoor plumbing. You have been lied to. Look up the inventors Of the stop light, gas mask, broom, train coupler, cotton gin,etc. Your kind is well known for inventions such as bullets, locks And hand cuffs. Read somethimes and stop embarrassing yourself.

      • Hmmm….that’s funny; considering it was not only one, but two “BLACK” young, beautiful, intelligent who got acceptance letters and full rides from multiple colleges; including the prestigious ones. And, those are the ones that the media focused on. There were others that didn’t get the coverage.

        Where’s your people?

      • Robert……you dumb as he’ll!

        Go to school. Your parents and your forefathers lied to you. Your fear of the black man is that he is great when given the opportunity to excel. Africa, the Caribbean and all people of color is a nooze around your neck. People like you embarrass decent white folk……world citizens. You cannot go anywhere. Dunce!

      • Oscar Sylvan on said:

        Open heart surgery by Dr. Daniel Hale Williams,and maybe you look like me-just giving a backhanded test of our knowledge of black history.More likely however you’re a Trumpian troll.

      • Lol……dunce go do your own research. Almost everything you own was invented by people of color.

        I knew you were a dunce

  3. House this POS in a prison cell with a brotha-see who gets killed first.
    Or better yet, I hope some of the brother’s get ahold of his ass and RUN A TRAIN ON HIM.

  4. tedgravely on said:

    Google his name and go to the Newsweek Article. This racist must be kin to Andrew Jackson. He is definitely inferior, intimidated, and jealous of black men. His quote: Elsewhere in the interview, Jackson calmly tells officers that his main targets for who he wanted to kill were “successful black men in suits, or boisterous thugs.” “The guys who can pull high-quality white women, basically,” he added. This racist served in the Army. I can only imagine white women refusing to date him and sisters been disgusted by his slimy behind. His shortcomings fueled his murdererous rage on an innocent man. He isn’t crazy, just a racist inferior creep.

    • It’s pretty funny and kind of sad how black women are treated as a last resort by black man. How black man want white women so badly is kind of weird. After the last 5 years or so I don’t think there’s very many people that want black people because of the way that you have acted. And it’s really funny how black women seem to support how black men want to sleep with white women because in some way it’s like getting back at the white man. It really doesn’t bother you black women that you are a last resort? I really don’t like talking bad like this about people it makes me feel horrible but just look at all the comments from you black people on here and that just kind of reinforces why it’s not that hard for me to do it. yep that and the link below that makes it not that difficult to have this level of hatred towards you because you guys hate me more and you always have. In my 41 years I have seen more hatred and racism from you black people than all other races combined but yet it doesn’t bother you and you have no sense of guilt about, it doesn’t bother you to be like that. Black people that I know that are conservative and Republican are like the most awesome people ever like you liberal blacks have no sense at all.

      • Sorry Robert – – it’s your white women that are always chasing in behind a Black man….and that is what is infuriating white men all the more. Oh, your jealous is real because your women won’t be the “Stepford women: you’all want them to be but they drool at the chance to sex up a Black man. Maybe that’s where you should place your anger.

  5. americanize on said:

    I,m not shocked by his comments at all,a large number of white folks feel just like he does.Well the white penal system will protect this scum,but if let into population he may meet big bubba,he will give this devil two choices,blood on my knife,or shit on my di*k.This is what a race war looks like.

  6. The demonic mind-set of these type of white people are from the poor, uneducated, unproductive white citizens of this country! Some wealthy white citizens may think like this, too, but put on a “subtle” attitude about it.(current president)! I hope that he gets the same treatment in prison….racist, low-life bum!!

    • Oscar Sylvan on said:

      That’s why they keep voting for elitist conservative Republicans against their own interests. Many of them couldn’t afford their own health insurance and appreciate their ACA entitlement.Those dimwitted teabillies elected and re-elected these GOP hacks (many of them being physicians like Rand Paul looking out for their own special interests) in hopes of abolishing that “oppressive socialistic” Obamacare,not realizing that it’s the same damn thing!

      • Because voting for the party that specifically rejects our interests is somehow the better option for white people….

        Haven’t heard that “logic” before….

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