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It seems Iyanla Vanzant is pissed at Tamar Braxton and is considering legal action against her in the wake of a taped therapy session the TV counselor conducted with Tamar and her sisters.

The session was said to quite intense and the experience wasn’t good for some members of the family. Tamar later spoke about the episode on social media and on The Wendy Williams Show.

theJasmineBrand reports that according to sources, Tamar publicly stated that she was a guest on Iyanla’s show, Iyanla: Fix My Life, but that’s not correct. Iyanla appeared on Braxton Family Values. The bottom line is Vanzant and her team are supposedly concerned with the comments that Tamar and her assistant made on social media.

According to sources, both Tamar and her assistant went on social media after filming and made negative comments about  their experience with Iyanla.

They called Iyanla as a ‘fake’ and a ‘fraud’ and that could have serious implications on the casting process for Iyanla Fix My Life and her reputation in general.

Supposedly, that some of Tamar’s negative comments made it to media outlets escalated the situation. Sources say that Tamar and her assistant also used words like ‘kidnapping’ and ‘devil’ to describe their alleged experience.

Because the OWN network owns Iyanla Fix My Life their legal department is allegedly involved and has been in communication with WEtv and their production company – Magical Elves’ – legal department.

A source says,

“it’s her duty to protect her reputation, brand and OWN’s brand. At this point, this is defamation and there should be consequences.”

Ultimately will Iyanla’s legal team, if all of this is true opt to handle it in the courts or out of the media? We’ll keep you posted.




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37 thoughts on “Will Iyanla Vanzant Sue Tamar Braxton After ‘Fix My Life’ Beef?

  1. Patricia Johnson on said:

    Tamar Braxton Can Be Extra At Times. That’s Even With Sisters / Family. What The Problem Really Is, Tamar Don’t Like Truth!!!. And That’s What Iyana Gives You. If You Dont Want Truth, Stay Off The Show. Breathe Beloved (Tamar )

  2. I think Iyanla is a great show and is doing a wonderful job. Tay-Mar needs to get her lies together. She never appeared on Iyanla’show; IIyanla appeared on the Braxton’s family show, and I am sure it was by their request.
    Iyanla, good try but you cannot fix the fake life of a deeply troubled woman. She should apologize to you,your crew, and her mother whom I am sure raised her to respect herself, not money and fame.

    • Kenyatta on said:

      I agree with everything you said…. Tay-mar is a attention hoe and mommy hasn’t got over the fact that hubby left her…. She’s bitter and all her daughters are unhappy souls… Been so over the BRAXTONS my wish is that they all would go away…

  3. It is my opinion from my seat, that Tamar Braxton will do anything to be relevant. I think She has proven this by writing songs about the lives of others, marrying a man to get a record deal, having a child to secure her financial future, cutting off all her hair, and for sure being loud. I believe her to be phoney, an opportunist, and smart. She knows what she wants and is doing all she can to get it. I need to tell her that women, cross their legs, at the knee in a short dress, but ladies cross at the ankle or do not cross.

  4. Everyone has the right to their opinion. That’s how Tamar feel,this is her right. All this bashing is unnecessary. We need to walk in her shoes and then speak,. Both of these ladies are strong willed women, please stop with the name calling and nasty we comments you wouldn’t like it if it was you or your family. Thanks

  5. Tiffani Hall on said:

    The Truth Should Not Hurt Unless It Ought To! As the old saying goes, if you can’t take the Heat, stay out of the kitchen. After T.D. Jakes Consultation did not work with “The Sister” I guess they thought they needed more Counseling. Iyanla has a Doctorate and shoots for tough Love and the Truth, what more can one ask???

  6. “Fix My Life” is just a title. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I am here to let you know that it is not our job to “fix” anyone. It is our job to help the client gain personal insight, into their issues; assist them with developing and reaching attainable and measurable goals; and help them solve their current and future problems, by utilizing various cognitive and behavioral techniques, which have been proven to be effective. Granted, Iyanla, is a Life Coach, and her methods may seem “harsh, brutally honest, direct, etc.”; however, these are techniques, used in her profession, that have been proven to work, if applied and utilized, by the client, beyond just one visit. So you see, she is not a wizard. She will not fix you; that isn’t her job. The fixing comes from the work, put in, by the client, after all is said and done. It may be that Tamar isn’t willing to put in the work or maybe she feels that she is just fine the way she is and for her to acknowledge that she needs fixing means that she has to admit that she is broken; something we all know that she is not going to do.

    • No, Iyanla is not a wizard. She’s an entertainer. That’s why she’s “fixing people” in front of a tv camera instead of in the privacy of an office. Everybody needs to calm down. It’s just a tv show created for the purpose of entertainment. No different than the Braxton Family Values or The Simpsons.

  7. Thelma Randle on said:

    There nothing wrong with Iyanla Vanzant, she is doing her job. The problem is Tamar Braxton. She hate all her sisters, and I believe she hate her mother and Vince. She didn’t really want a baby. She is the kind of person that I think, no one can help her but God. I for one will stop looking at the Braxtons, if Tamar stay in it. Tamar need to be put in rehab. She is making her mother very sick. Please fire Tamar off the Braxtons, and keep the other ladies.

  8. I don’t always agree with Iyanla’s face therapy. Thank Tamar for exposing her.
    Although, the feud between Tamar and Iyanla is to promote ratings. Iyanla uses old school therapy techniques to belittle and demoralize humans. The show should be cancelled..

  9. Veronica R Robinson on said:

    Sue her! Tamer thinks she can say or do whatever she wants. It’s time for her to have some else speak up about her mouth!

  10. Tamar is a hot mess. Only the Messiah can fix her. I knew she was crazy when she took her Judys on vacation with her husband and her child. Retardation at it’s finest.

  11. Phyllis Birdsong on said:

    Tamar seems to think that the world owes her a since of entitlement.She has this false fan base that clearly EVERYONE DOES NOT LOVE OR EVEN LIKE HER. She seems to be an embarrassment not only to herself, but as it looks now her family and thank God she met her match. Tamar came for the wrong woman, Iyanla needs to wipe the floor with this BIG MOUTH MUPPET.

    • Gwendolyn Chatman on said:

      I agree Tamar is a mean girl. If I was Traci I would stay my distance from her because Tamar thinks she better than Traci she really doesn’t like Traci.

  12. Cheryl Smith on said:

    Iyanla knows what she is doing! Its clearly recognizable.Tamar is really socially challenged and I believe she rode the short bus to school. If Braxton Values doesn’t drop her I am going to stop looking. She doesn’t know if she wants to be a blonde headed Becky or a African like her new man.

  13. You can’t just run around disparaging someone’s reputation without consequences. She should sue Tamar’s bald headed psychotic ass!

  14. Joann M Sharp on said:

    What think talk to her and everything be good
    You have to talk to god a while before you see things clearly and get wright how you talk to her 30m and you fixed ok please

  15. You can’t fix folks who don’t WANT to be fixed.. Almost every episode, someone is walking off or getting mad when faced with the truth.. You can’t fix a problem unless you first acknowledge one exists.. most people including all the naysayers above are in DENIAL about their reality and their part in the story… it’s a defensive coping mechanism… She can have 952 guests but if none of them REALLY want to do the work guess what? Iyanla has come a loooonng way since her original emergence & fame after which she was broke and broken… so people saying she needs to fix her own life she has and we are ALL always works in progress…

  16. In My Opinion on said:

    (S)he won’t sue anyone, but she knows everything said about him/her is true. (S)he is a loud mouth fraud who needs to try to start with her own life if (S)he wants to fix something.

      • Angel love on said:

        My opinion She sats everything well.I.V.isca great speaker i think..Tamar twisted ball headed ass needs to grow up..The way she act is like a spolied 5 yr old..Finale see how her mom has to handle her..Poor Toni should leave them in the dust..Everyone else is stable..The dad just looks confused..And the mom just boogie and her kids has made her famous..You see the brother don’t even deal w them..Straight foolishness..They have no values..#sadfamily

  17. Lisab Howell on said:

    To me, Its obvious that you didn’t know wat hou were talking about 1. She’s still on the air on The OWN Network while she’s at it. 2. I’m almost certain that if she hadn’t fixed a life or three, she wouldn’t be still on. And the people would most certainly stop getting BOOKED on her show. If you’d took the time to be quiet and listen to the process you just might understand, wat a power she is..

    • ResponsibilityInControl on said:

      Lisab……….Let me be clear in this you cant think outside of the box. Clearly by your post it makes sense to you. Let me shed some light on this. It doesnt matter if she fixes anything or not and just because the show is on the air doesnt mean that she has helped anyone. Yes people will continue to be booked why cause the mentality is maybe I can get my 15 mins or a spinoff of my own. Jerry Springer didnt help any one either but the show was on the air for years why…………….ENTERTAINMENT. The producers of the Braxtons and Iguana show likely setup a deal for all of this to happen. Let me also explain to that she has no power at all….. when the advertisement revenue drops for OWN during this time slot guess what Iguana will to be dropped. If what you posted is your view of how “the process” works you may want to educate yourself some. Now that the Braxtons no matter how people feel about them is finally spreading the truth she is a personality nothing more.

  18. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    Iguana……YES……Iguana needs to be canceled. This lizard hasnt fixed anyones life at all. So to FIX this situation Iguana will allow the person you tried to help be sued. This again just goes to show that this is purely fake and for entertainment sadly. Lets see if Iguana can fix this situation……………

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