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Two women in Savannah, Georgia are now facing charges after being arrested for selling marijuana edibles at a church event. According to Fox28Media, a church in the area was doing an event and allowed vendors to sell items. Ebony Cooper and Leah Pressley decided they were going to sell THC-laced baked goods.

Some say the ladies were selling various laced treats like cereal treats, brownies and pudding. Agents went in and bought several of the items and then kept their eyes on them. When Cooper and Pressley left, they were followed by police who ultimately searched Pressley’s vehicle.

Police found not only a large amount of edibles, but money and a loaded gun. The women are now facing felony drug charges and are currently in jail. CNT agents believe that Cooper was advertising the baked goods on social media pages. CNT Assistant Deputy Director Gene Harley said, “We would simply say in this particular investigation is that this is still an active investigation and additional charges.

Member of the church, Detric Legget said, “We had no idea what was going on here. Why would something like this go on and you have God’s House involved. This church and this organization and this community does not condone this type of behavior and for something like this to happen, it shows lack of faith in how people feel about God.”


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