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African Americans renters spend even more money on housing identical to whites in majority-white neighborhoods, according to a new study.

The percentage of difference between what Black and white renters pay in predominately white areas is the focal point of a recently published study written by economists Dirk Early of Southwestern University, Paul Carrillo of George Washington University and Edgar Olsen of the University of Virginia. Researchers discovered that Blacks face a steep penalty that increases with the number of whites that move into a neighborhood, the “Racial Rent Differences In U.S. Housing Markets” study found.

The rent amount for African Americans as compared to whites is 2.4 percent higher in majority-white areas, says the study. Researchers compared that number to what Black renters pay as compared to white renters in areas that are less than 10 percent white: on average 0.6 percent more in rent costs.

The research is particularly significant in light of the high number of Black renters in the U.S. “Understanding racial rent differences is arguably even more important since nearly 60 percent of black households are renters,” the study’s authors said.

The rental disparities among the races is significant as more Americans from various racial and ethnic backgrounds have chosen integrated neighborhoods, CBS News reported.

The researchers’ work also connects to African-American homeownership rates, which are less than whites’.

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11 thoughts on “Here’s How Much More Black Renters Pay For The Same Housing As Whites

  1. big Time on said:

    we are all kidding ourselves if we think the fabric of our country hasn’t been infiltrated by the hoods… the perpetuation of all the things they did past present and future keep people taking one step forward and two steps back… this country is going to hell in a hand basket…. all passengers will go down with it… ALL

  2. Harold Williams on said:

    MacDaddy, you and your KKK attitude needs to stay off this vine. How can a person as ignorant as you even afford a computer.

    • That’s exactly the response the rational mature adults on this website would expect from you. Come on, keep proving how ignorant, and pathetic you truly are MAC DADDY. You’ve become a daily joke for us.

  3. I’m sure good credit versus bad credit could have something to do with it. I have never had a problem getting home loans, car loans, or paying more rent back in my apartment days than my white counterpart. I have also maintained a great credit score.

  4. Hello Muhammad Ali*—-I just didn’t wish to play the games that I know financial institutions and other organizations play.

    As long as I was APPROVED and got MY HOUSE-is all I really cared about.
    If I had not been approved, that would’ve been another story and I no doubt would’ve taken the issue further, even filing a lawsuit.

    I’m NOT JUST BENDING OVER, TAKING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Amerykah does not WANT US to be HOMEOWNER’s!!!!!!!

    Which is why when I was applying for my recent home-loan, I REFUSED to provide my ethnic group on any of my documents that were submitted.

    I do believe that IF I had provided the info that I was an African American–I WOULD NO DOUBT HAVE BEEN DENIED!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe, the same is true for people of Color when it comes to renting apartments, I don’t know-however, I would not be surprised IF THIS DOES OCCUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Muhammad Ali on said:

      Hi L!

      Even if you don’t check the box, the bank representative is required by law to check it for you. They tell that financial institution what ethnicity you are. So we’re still being profiled.

    • I was denied home refinance by WellsFargo TWICE after I gave my ethnicity but when I decided to say I was white the third time, I got approved. Your claim is very accurate when it comes to banks asking about race. After I got approved, I declined and went to my credit union.

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