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Tamar Braxton says she’s found new love after a very public breakup with ex-husband Vincent Herbert. On the preview of her interview on the new season of The Wendy Williams Show, Tamar revealed everything – but a face and a name.

People.com reports:

The Tamar & Vince reality star, 41, has been playing coy about her new relationship on social media as of late, but she’s finally revealing details about her boyfriend. In a PEOPLE exclusive sneak peek at Braxton’s Thursday interview during the season 10 premiere week on The Wendy Williams Show, she gushes about him publicly for the first time.



“I’ll describe him: he’s African, he’s in wealth finance, he’s got dreads and he’s got a really nice body,” host Wendy Williams says before Braxton excitedly interrupts: “He’s fine! Hallelujah!”

Braxton, who shares 5-year-old son Logan Vincent with ex Herbert, also speaks highly of his physique after a photo of her Harvard Business School-educated boyfriend is shown on the studio screen.



“I met him at a friend’s birthday party, thank you God, he’s so fine! I can’t take it sometimes. It’s like a whole snack — a Lunchable!” the singer says. “He lives in L.A., he’s originally from Nigeria, but he lived here for a while.”

Audience members were stunned when Tamar also revealed she had been molested as a child by ‘both sides of her family.”

The full interview airs Thursday, September 13th.





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25 thoughts on “Tamar Braxton Has A New Man; Reveals Childhood Molestation

  1. I feel Tamar’s pain..but it doesn’t give us the right to seduce men with dance or with skimpy tight clothing. Lots of us are crying #Metoo yet it doesn’t mean we have the right to be mean or catty with seductive outfits. Ladies we can’t play on both sides of the fence. Modesty is a straight like or a A line skirt or dress not barely there bikini’s etc. Modesty is not a female posing in the nude. It’s Not paying a role in a porn movie..for those who do shame is Still on you.

  2. Keep it real on said:

    @ Cam1cyle2
    Probably after the lace fronts ate away her lining & wearing weaves, wigs, extensions etc…anything but your God Given Natural Hair will do damage eventually..it becomes no longer a “fashion statement” but a necessity. To all women & I admit I have wigs I wear “occasionally” if you can’t feel good about yourself being yourself it’s an issue. She Beautiful with no hair because it was never the hair that made her beautiful, she just is. Yes makeup enhances her beauty but I’ve seen her without makeup & she’s still just as Beautiful!

  3. Joan Ruffin on said:

    Beware, his job title is scary it usually means that they transfer your wealth to themselves before it’s all over with. it would take too long to explain all of the pit falls, but buyer beware.

  4. I personally think she needs to handle her divorce before she gets involved in another relationship. Maybe I’m old fashioned but nothing good can come from a relationship built on money and appearance. I’m just tired of the foolishness! Ugh

  5. Never did like this drama queen, and practically everything she’s said about her new “target,” is a slap towards Vincent. She is one pathetic, well, I won’t say it here.

  6. Queen Rayil on said:

    I am totally shocked! first of all; her statement is that she don’t like slim etc men. She like her men with a little meat on the bones!! Remember you did not want Vince to have surgery to remove the excess fat after weight loss. Tamar! grow up you have a true man in your life now, you have not seen control!!! Get to know HIM!!!!!!!

  7. Justbeingme on said:

    Beyoncé is never starving for attention she gets attention without looking for it. She is talented and she has a husband and her own money she is not in the category of Tamar and Nikki there is no comparison.

    • You are so blind. Beyonce is the ringleader of starved attention seekers. I believe she even pays for attention with her surprise pop ups. Rihanna does not do any of their stunts and is more popular than all of them. She stands on her own merits.

      • Please., ALL ENTERTAINERS SEEK ATTENTION it is part of what they do to sell. Michael was and still is bigger than ALL of them and could get attention just on his name and even he did thing to keep people interested. Do you really think he wanted to buy the elephant man bones? No but it was put out to keep people interested.

  8. she just met the man people, let her really get to know him. it is way too soon to be talking about marriage. that’s probably what’s wrong with a lot of relationships, everyone is talking about marriage before you get o truly know him. take your time Tamar and get to know your new man and have some fun being free. good luck!!!!

  9. Lolita Jones on said:

    Its hilarious how everyone is a relationship expert or knows whats best for Tamar. I am not a fan per se, but I am happy she is moving on from Vince. I feel like she was in a troubled relationship where she was controlled, and she is free now. Hell, if all she knows is her man is fine and has a business degree then so be it. Shit, he may not love her yet…it takes time. I’m just tickled

  10. My broda, if you are reading this, run from dis woman o. Can’t see anything positive coming out of this relationship unless he’s trying to make a name for himself

  11. She is just looking for a rich man. Trying to stay relevant. She only married Vince because of what he can do for her so call music career. After all, he is a well known producer. Although he has not produced any music for anyone lately. He has financial issues, they both do. She sure did not marry him for his looks. They look like twins :).

  12. All that superficial praise won’t get it. That’s OK though cause that Nigerian connection ain’t no joke. All those antics will get her feelings sho nuff hurt.

  13. I can’t understand women like her. Why didn’t she stress that he cares deeply for her and is a gentleman or is a loving individual. All she’s saying is that he’s a wealth financier and he’s fine! Yeah, but does he care for you, does he want to get married etc., etc., etc.

  14. She’ll do absolutely ANYTHING for attention ! I’m still waiting for her to ‘grow up’. It’s so hard to take her serious when she runs her mouth non-stop ! Unfortunately, she’s like a wind-up doll cartoon character on drugs…ughhhh ! #SorryNotSorry

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