The man who shoot 28-year-old Markeis McGlockton in front of his girlfriend and 5-year-old son is speaking out for the first time. 

Now awaiting trail in a Clearwater jail, Michael Drejka, 47, says he followed Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” Law after McGlockton pushed him to the ground while he was arguing with McGlockton’s girlfriend over a handicapped spot.

According to ABC, Drejka said, “It felt like I was tackled or someone hit me from behind with something.”

Drejka says he was enraged when McGlockton parked in a handicapped spot at a Florida gas station.

“My whole life it’s always been looking for a handicap parking spot. It’s always touched a nerve with me…because they’re abused and used,” Drejka said.

He also said, “I followed the law the way I thought the law was supposed to be followed. I cleared every hurdle that that law had to…had to put in front of me.” He added, “I’ve never been confronted like that.”

The McGlockton family attorney Michele Rayner said, “Michael Drejka is nothing more to me than a vigilante. He’s nothing more than a wannabe cop that is out here patrolling. Markeis McGlockton was a father. He was a son. He was shot down in front of his child. He collapsed and died in front of his child over a parking spot.

See the interview below:

On July 19, McGlockton parked in a handicap spot at a Clearwater convenience store while his 5-year-old son and girlfriend Britany Jacobs, 25, waited in the car. Drejka approached Jacobs looking for a handicap permit on the vehicle.

He confronted her and they began yelling at each other. Surveillance video shows McGlockton walking out the store and pushing Drejka to the ground. McGlockton then takes a few steps back before Drejka pulls out a gun and shoots him in the chest.

McGlockton can be seen staggering back into the store before collapsing.

Drejka has been charged with manslaughter.




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