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driving on the road

Benjamin Howell

A woman in Memphis says her date stole her car so that he could take out another woman.

Yes, you read that correctly, Faith Pugh told ABC 6,  it happened when she went to meet Kelton Griffin for dinner. Griffin didn’t drive so they took Pugh’s car.

According to ABC 6, Griffin asked if she would go into a gas station to buy him a cigar. But when she got out, she says he sped off in her car.

Hours later, Pugh says a friend sent her a text saying Griffin had just asked her out.

The friend told Pugh where they were.

Pugh showed up to a drive-in theater with police and found the pair in her car.

Griffin was arrested on the spot, reports ABC 6.

Really! They Dated?
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8 thoughts on “Man Steals Car From Date To Take Another Woman Out

  1. Ted, I’m shaking my head even as I crack up laughing. Although, it really is sad that a woman’s self esteem is so low such that she just does not read the signs…..oh, and they are definitely there!! Lord help……

  2. tedgravely on said:

    After reading about that 7-year old being set on fire by an 8-year old this is good comic relief. Just google Kelton Griffin. Faith should have already known what was up. Watch her tell the story to the reporter and it will make you laugh. Forget comedians. I didn’t know guys were still running these games. How did he get to her house and then needed her to drive to dinner? Then he asked her to buy cigars and drove off. Why she wanted to tell that story on tv, I have no idea. Kelton ran game on the right one. Come on Faith, do better. Get that self esteem up and stop falling for the okie doke.

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