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As previously reported, Braxton Family Values pumped the breaks on taping back in June after the sisters and their mother made a family decision to go on an indefinite break until they’re paid what they’re worth.

Sources connected to the show revealed to TMZ that Tamar, Toni, Towanda, Traci, Trina and mom Evelyn were refusing to return to work until the network renegotiated their contracts for the second half of season 6.

Well now, a new super-trailer dropped on August 10 and it highlights the drama behind-the-scenes and the network reveals that they only have six weeks worth of content while the rest of the season is currently being taped.

Scroll up and watch the clip above.

The clip starts out with a recap of last season leading into this new season where Towanda, Trina, and Toni Braxton dish about Toni’s wedding to Birdman.

The extended preview then highlights all the drama that’s to come this season: Traci is still hurt that Tamar dropped her from Toni’s tour. She also tells her father that one of her sisters said that “she was dead” to her.

Meanwhile, mama Evelyn has had more than enough of all the family chaos.

The Braxtons have had some good times, but will they continue?

Don’t miss the season premiere of Braxton Family Values Next Thursday at 9/8c.



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5 thoughts on “‘Braxton Family Values’: First Look At Season 6 Return And ‘Hiatus’ Chaos [Video]

  1. OH PUH-LEEZE…all these Braxton heifers are the PRODUCERS of their own show!!! SO sick of seeing six very old women trying to be cute and create drama on TV for a paycheck, when what’s really going on is fronting, bad wigs..osteoporosis and menopause. #getreal

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