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It’s interesting that people try to make it seem as if, “all black people are inherently criminals, because of what’s going on in Chicago.”

Yes there are black people in Chicago but most Black people do not live there.

Chicago does have a high murder rate, but they also have a high unemployment rate and a lack of resources. “There are a lot of extenuating circumstances that make Chicago a very violent city,” and no one want’s to talk about those issues.

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3 thoughts on “DL’s GED Section: Crime Is A Result Of Poverty

  1. How many of those young gangbanging thugs dropped out of HS and in essence made themselves unemployable? It may often be parental indifference or negligence which is yet another problem but by and large these destructive punks are responsible for their own unemployment.

  2. African American Woman on said:

    Keep the excuse train moving on down the tracks…there are tons of poor people in this country who are mowing each other down. People come here from other countries poorer than anyone here could imagine…they are busy working to build, and make a life and a living for their families…D.L. I’m sure you’re living a comfortable life…put your money where your mouth is…go down there; create job training programs, promote education, birth control and money management. Grab some of your rich friends and open some stores; hiring people from the community to run them…sitting back in your chair coming up with excuses does NOTHING…why are we so afraid to take action ???!!! In the time it toon for you to write this excuse; I wonder how many black men died at the hands of another black man.

    • Michael Middleton on said:

      AAW – I agree with you 100%! Many of us just make excuses for our laziness. I had a very difficult life growing up in poverty but it did not make me violate others. Many of us just want something for nothing and blame others for our own conditions, misdeeds and disrespect. I realize that bigotry has always created a problem for us a AA but it shouldn’t cause us to treat each others like dogs. I earnest believe that too often we are our own worst enemy. If we would perform more self-inventory and rid ourselves from envy and jealousy, we could do better as a race of people.

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