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Things got tense on CNN between host Chris Cuomo and his guest, D.L. Hughley, as the two were discussing the “wanton” racism of Donald Trump, as well as his supporters.

The topic was this Sunday’s one-year anniversary of the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. Hughley took issue with both Trump – for claiming that “both sides” were to blame for the violence – and with the president’s base for cheering on the sentiment.

“There can’t be a moral equivalence,” Hughley said. “Either it’s wrong to be hateful and to promote violence and apathy and to be angry and to believe in the supremacy of one race over another, or it’s not.”

“Now we have people quibbling about it,” he continued, quoting people who claim left-wing protesters are “just as bad” as the white supremacists and white nationalist they oppose. “If somebody oppresses me and I fight back, then I’m just as bad as the guy who was determined to take all my rights away? That’s where we are in America right now.”

Hughley said Trump’s “both sides” comment was simply part of the larger tone he has set in the country.

“The bottom line in this country: it is wrong to be hateful and to lead people in hate and try to subvert other people’s rights and voices and to be brutal to them, or it isn’t,” he said.

Cuomo asked Hughley if he thought Trump would disagree with that statement.

“I believe the president is a wanton racist, and I believe that America is not uncomfortable with it,” the comedian said firmly. “When you tell me 89% of Republicans support him no matter what he does, I’ll say this. I can’t say all his supporters are racist, but I can say, for them, being a racist is not a disqualifier.”

Cuomo claimed that Hughley’s assertion set a “high bar” before denouncing “white extremists and white power people and the Qanon and the conspiracy crazies” — but Hughley interrupted him.

“White men don’t get to decide what racism is,” Hughley said. “They were so bad at judging it every time it happened. They were bad at judging it during slavery. They were bad at judging it during Jim Crow. White people don’t get to play this game. You don’t get to decide what the rules are here.”

“The bottom line is this,” Hughley continued. “We have watched children being put in cages. And the very scriptures that they quoted to put black men in chains, they used to put immigrants in cages.”

“Either it’s wrong,” Hughley concluded, “or it isn’t.”

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38 thoughts on “D.L. Hughley Schools CNN’s Chris Cuomo On Bigotry: ‘White Men Don’t Get To Decide What Racism Is’ [Video]

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  2. Anytime a sentence begins with white/ black/ brown people, anything that follows is inherently racist. Whether it is good or bad, it is an unfair generalization. In this case, limiting an entire race’s capacity for moral judgment is unfortunate and hurtful.

  3. Darryl McKellar on said:

    I’m still amazed that in the face of clear and absolute truths, human beings still refuse to acknowledge the obvious. This game of life, is not fair to all. Especially people of color. Housing, education, career advancements based on the color of your skin. I’ve experienced them all first hand. And I’m one of the 17% of black men who have a college degree. I played by the rules and still was met with resistance, criticism, and Skeptics who question why do I belong on the same playing field. And Still I Rise.

  4. Mrknowitall on said:

    I’m funnier than “Down Low” Hugley any day. I have 7 minutes of jokes any day boy. Don’t be skeerd boy. I challenge you to a joke off you jerk off.

    • Conrad K Amerson on said:

      Your referencing Mr. Hughley as “boy”pretty much tells everyone on this forum your race and thoughts on black America. Pathetic!!!!

      • and referring to black conservatives like (Candice Owens as sell-outs ,house ni@@s) says what about people like you

      • Mrknowitall on said:

        I use the term boy to describe colored folks, because you people use the term boy to describe European Americans. Also we know you spit when you see European Americans, because you are taught to by black racist bigots.

  5. Passing Through!! on said:

    “White men don’t get to decide what racism is,” Hughley said
    Thank you DL!! How can you decide what’s racist when as a racist you see nothing as being racist.

    • Robin Harringtonh on said:

      How does telling the truth makes Mr. Hughley a racist? He tells the truth, and your feelings are butt hurt? You edomites have got a day of reckoning coming to you soon! You are not going to like it too much?

  6. Cynthia Feaster on said:

    DL was 1000% correct. I’m so glad that he schooled that ignorant arrogant overly talkative C Cuomo. I can’t stand him, his racist brother the governor of NY, who IS a closet republican or their racist father Mario, former governor of NY, who went above and beyond to create racist policies to hurt Black NYers. DL shut racist ignoramous Chris C down- with FACTS.

    • Tony L Langley on said:

      D.L. is a fucking idiot , as a vetern who fought for all Americans, get the fuck over it , noone is oppressed, everyone has opportunity, go fuck yourself

      • Conrad K Amerson on said:

        So says the race that has never been depressed nor experienced racial depression. So, you GTFOH

      • @Tony Langley – your brain obviously was affected by whatever you saw or did during your military days because people are being oppressed as we speak. POC are being profiled, jailed and/or killed! Wake up!!

  7. Mrknowitall on said:

    Negro people are the most hate filled racists in the world. No self control.give a white man a pile of bricks, he’ll give you a city. Give negros a city, they’ll give you a pile of bricks. DL Hughley isn’t funny, but he is a plantation hate filled coon.

    • DL was not trying to be funny . He was being truthful. As for the coon part, at least coons do wash their hands and food before they eat.

    • Conrad K Amerson on said:

      Lol…..why wouldn’t they be???? Did you forget the Native Americans and their hatred for you and yours?

      Check this, you are on a forum lip dripping about issues that have not affected or impacted your race in a negative way. Your people have oppressed and are still oppressing in 2018. The playing field is not level and you know it. So, until you and yours have walked in our shoes…..GTFOH

    • to mrknowitall: If white folk could build a city with bricks- why the hell did you go to Africa and steal and force black folk to come here and build not a city but the whole dam country? Go sit your azz down somewhere!

      • Conrad K Amerson on said:

        @Amber, I have taken your advice and ignored jhuff and his denial and ignorance. Ty for the advice.

  8. “we watched children put in cages” yes under Barack Obama children were put in cages, “white people don’t get to decide what racism is” black people don’t get to decide who’s racist Trump wasn’t a racist until he ran for president, Trump has done more for AA’s than Obama’s failures ever did in 8 years, it’s good of Mr. Hughley to go in to a venue where his comments and views won’t be challenged but that’s what CNN is all about

    • I would love to speak with you Face to Face , How Stupid & IDIOTIC you Are.D.L. Said WHAT NEEDED to be Said.Take Your RACIST BIGOTED Head OUT Of trump s ass .TO Your Face

      • And stay your ass on the plantation 20 yrs from now if your not shot dead in a drive-by you can reflect on how little you’ve gained while the race baiters have prospered

    • Conrad K Amerson on said:

      Trump has ALWAYS been a racist, buddy!! Do your homework and you will see. Then too, you know and you see, but you are choosing to be in denial.

      Lol….comparing Trump to “O” is like comparing oil to water…….

      Get back at me, when Trump receives a Nobel Peace Prize. Odds are, I’ll never hear from you again……

      • and Obama received the NPP for what?? please tell because you tube is full of dear in the headlights Obama fans who don’t know why

      • Conrad K Amerson on said:

        @jhuff, its DEER, not DEAR.Also, if you DON’T know why O received the NPP,do not expect me to educate you. Google it!!!! Lol, who lies about such an honor??? Besides Trump, as he has about his education……GTFOH

    • Conrad K Amerson on said:

      Exactly, what has 45 done for black America? Nothing!!!!! Administrations inherit the good and the bad of their predecessors. At this time, Trump is benefiting from the good that #44 left. The economy is #1.

      The truth is, we all know that #44 could have did more for this country,were congress not so afraid that he was trying to prosper Muslims or blacks. When in fact, he was trying to make the playing field level for all races. You know this, but you not your kind will ever own it.

      • Nice try Buddy, Trump campaigned on and once elected slashed and burned Obama’s job and growth killing regulations by your premise the economy should be in free fall crash and burn just from the tax cuts businesses have expanded invested and hired ….not Trumps words not my words but their words

  9. I am so proud of DL for being the bravest Black man in America right now. We always try to appease and make racist white folks feel as if their hate should be understood somehow, as they show their true colors to us concerning their evil feelings about us people of color. We must all call it exactly what it is, just as Mr. Hughley does. I love this Brotha!

  10. tedgravely on said:

    Boom goes the dynamite. Raise your hand if you would love to see #45 go at DL? DL is unafraid to challenge people on hypocrisy. Here we have a comedian with a GED, and a basketball player with a high school diploma not mincing words about what is happening right now in our country. Come on so called intellectuals, say what you mean and stand on it.

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