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(Screenshot from News 12)

Dozens of protesters gathered outside of a Brooklyn, N.Y. nail salon, demanding that the business be shut down after a viral video spread showed employees, who are Asian, attacking a Black woman with the handle of a broomstick or a mop and spraying what appears to be acetone nail polish remover.

The New Red Apple Nail  was surrounded by an influx of frustrated Black residents, several holding signs that read “Black $$$ Matters” as they chanted “Black dollars matter” and “no respect, no business,” Pix11 reports.

The incident occurred on August 3, when Christina Thomas, 21, was not satisfied with the job done on her eyebrows, and so she declined to pay for the botched service, News 12 notes. Employees argued that she also refused to pay for the other services. That was when an argument broke out, it then escalated into the violent fight.

In the now viral video, several employees can be seen grabbing a black woman, while another sprays her with a bottle of nail polish remover. When the woman gets away from the workers, another Asian woman starts to hit her repeatedly on the back with the handle of a mop or broomstick as the woman tries to flee the salon.

“So I’m at the nail salon and they f*cked up a lady eyebrow and she refused to pay then a fight broke outttt,” Facebook user Mercy Maduka, who recorded the incident shared under her post, “1426 Nostrand ave Hitting them like animals.”

Employee Huiyue Zheng was arrested and is facing charges of misdemeanor menacing, misdemeanor criminal possession of a weapon and harassment after she allegedly beat Thomas with the broom causing a laceration to the back of her neck,Pix11 reports.

Thomas is also facing charges of misdemeanor assault, misdemeanor menacing and harassment, reports News 12 .

Protesters demanded that the charges against Thomas be dropped, according to News12, as well as argued for the other employees to be arrested.

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12 thoughts on “‘Black $$$ Matter’ Protesters Gather Outside Nail Salon After Video Of Fight Goes Viral

  1. Gloria J Jackson on said:

    This is what we must do if we are assaulted, insulted, disrespected, it to stop patronizing this business. Especially, since there are so many businesses offering the same services. Hit them where it’ll hurt, in their pocket. That seems to be all a lot of people understand. Why was everyone involved detained, taken in, or detained?

  2. A “fight broke out” when the customer threw a punch at one of the workers. Throw a punch at a worker in a building full of Asians, expect a beatdown. What the hell did she think would happen everyone would just move into a circle and throw down bets on who would win? They’ll be back next week.

  3. tedgravely on said:

    This ain’t black girl power, this is R I D I C U L O U S! Our women don’t get it. Fake hair and fake nails is a billion dollar industry. The look is fake and temporary, but these Asians are making a living on black women. I’m not mad and will never protest these shops. Just don’t go to them. Our Queens have convinced themselves that this is the look we want to see……it’s a sickness. Store brought stupid silky or yarn hair all the way to their behinds. I rather run my hand over cornrows, Afro, or short bob. Clown looking 6 inch acrylic nails, fake eyelashes, and painted on eyebrows. This is insanity. Groom yourselves. YouTube famous – loud, looking ridiculous, and “can’t get right.” Where is their pride? Is that Asian Lady still tearing up her backside with that stick? You wanna know what’s insane – these same women will just go to another Asian Nail Shop a block away. Brothers don’t support this mess. Go to work!!

  4. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    What I do not understand is why African American women go to Asians of all places and people for ANYTHING especially hair products. ………..But if an African American owned hair shop opened African Americans wouldnt go there? They go to these Asian owned stores as if they know African American hair and whats best?……………

  5. The 1 on said:

    Never understood why black women spend their money in Asian owned nail shops. There are plenty of black salons who also have nail techs where you can spend your money. As one other person stated, you will never see an Asian shopping in any black business.

  6. If Asians are a smaller minority than we are,, how can they be racist? cause black ppl can’t be racist white?? and don’t try and tell me this type of shuggady doesn’t go on in black hair nail and barber shops all over the Country

  7. Mrknowitall on said:

    Black on Asian crime ia a fact. Black on Asian salon crime is too common. Go to YouTube & enter black on Asian Crime at salons. You will see the result of Bastard single teen mothers raising Bastard single chillens. Makes me wonder why blacks don’t open stores in the jungle.

  8. People of Color need to BOYCOTT ALL ASIAN BUSINESSES across this country.


    When folks DO NOT RESPECT US OR OUR $$$$$-FUCK THEM!!!!!!!!

    • They’re only behaving like all the other immigrants, under the notion that they can treat us like dirt, and not have answer to their actions. Hit them in their pockets, and put them out of business. Go and buy yourselves a damn nail kit, and stay the he’ll out of these places. If they valued your $, they wouldn’t treat you in such a disgraceful manner.

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