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(Photo credit: Charlamagne Instagram)

A woman named Jessica Reid claims she was raped by radio personality Charlamagne Tha God in 2001 when she was just 15-years old.

The Breakfast Club host was arrested years ago on a charge of sexual misconduct with a minor after a 15-year-old Reid accused him of rape. He ended up pleading guilty to a much lesser charge, but now the alleged victim wants the criminal case against the star re-opened.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, the then 22-year-old Charlamagne Tha God (aka Lenard Larry McKelvey) was arrested on July 2, 2001 on a warrant stemming from a charge of criminal sexual conduct with a minor in the 2nd degree, for an incident that allegedly occurred the month before.

More specifically, the documents accused him of “willfully, unlawfully, and feloniously engage in penile/vaginal intercourse with a fifteen-year-old female child.”

Examinations by doctors corroborated her story that a sexual assault had occurred. The hospital also obtained a statement from the girl implicating Charlamagne in the alleged assault.


But during the investigation, Reid was uncooperative with the prosecution and, as a result, they felt a conviction of Charlamagne on the arrested charge would be impossible. He ultimately pled guilty to a lesser charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and was sentenced to 3 years of probation.

The case was disposed in 2002.

16 years later, 32-year-old Jessica Reid says she never received closure and has not “been able to get over it.”

Reid’s mother, Joslyn, tells The Blast she was trying to protect her daughter from suffering and further humiliation when she was a child and stopped her from cooperating in the prosecution.

Joslyn says she now supports her daughter and believes closure is needed to truly end Jessica’s “suffering and pain.”

Meanwhile, Charlamagne previously addressed the rape charge during an interview with DJ Akademiks, scroll up and watch the clip above.

Joslyn described the interview as “very hurtful,” and claims it further contributed to her daughter’s suffering.

One Twitter user noted: “Charlamagne Tha God makes a living for making guests on his radio show uncomfortable, ESPECIALLY the women. This is the least surprising accusation.”

Another said: “All you gotta do is watch just one Breakfast Club interview to know that Charlemagne tha God is a very deviant person.”

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14 thoughts on “Charlemagne Tha God’s Rape Accuser Wants Case Re-Opened 16-Years Later

  1. I Believe on said:

    Shame on the journalist for not including the fact that CTG’s DNA did not match that which was found on the accuser. This story has no merit.

  2. African American Woman on said:

    Mental illness is real and folks who rant nonsensically and obsessively about the same subject need help…hate starts from within and you obviously detest yourself. Also, I won’t be too tough on you because I know people who resort to name calling lack the ability and intelligence to clearly express themselves and low IQ folks like you are prone to violence…I have disagreed with others on here many times, but your blinding hate doesn’t allow for reading comprehension.

  3. Ms. Kim on said:

    ummmmm he is very ugly all around, not to mention U REAP WHAT YOU SOW, WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND? AND ALL THE QUOTES THAT FIT HERE.

  4. S.D. on said:

    How many dollar signs is she looking to get for her “closure and get over it?” The mother stopped her daughter from participating in the investigation because there was no money to gain at that time.

  5. americanize on said:

    Not a fan of Lenard,I look at this dude side eye he’s one of those race neutral negroes,he also hangs out with suspected white supremacist.

      • americanize on said:

        African American Koon Why don,t ever say anything about the racist troll devils that comes on this site every fu*kin day spitting vitriol to everything black,and you know they are,mac sissy,jpuff just to name a few,but I know why b/c you’re a white supremist you can,t fool me.But lets say ur a negro just can,t call you black you a go along get along type negro a spineless coward.If you responed to my post in a negative light I will clap back hard,I don,t give a shit about ur the way my life is great.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      So true Americanize, I don’t like Lenard either every since he tapped danced for and brown nosed racist Tomi Lahren like a good boy don’t care for him never did.

  6. Passing Through!! on said:

    If he was broke and not famous I bet she’d be over it. This is why I can’t support the “Me Too” movement.

    • tedgravely on said:

      PT – I’m not being argumentative, but what am I missing? He did something to her. This man took a plea deal. She was 15, he was a 22 year old man. How that changed her life, I don’t know. What I do know is she needs therapy and he should shut his mouth and have respect for this lady. She was 15. I don’t know if it’s about money. It could be about healing. He took something from her that he can’t restore, and she can never undo that moment. I don’t know about reopening the case, but I think it is taking him to task. Tough one.

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        I agree with you ted, Charlamagne did something to this woman and he was punished for it. But I think her coming out 16 years later is about the money more than it is about her feelings. I’m not saying that she’s not affected by what happened but coming back almost 20 years later, what if he wasn’t famous right now. I believe that the conviction of Bill Cosby is has been a door opener for the opportunist who are trying to get paid. And shame on Charlamagne for having sex with a 15 year old he should have gotten more time and a stiffer punishment.

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