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(Photo credit: Miami-Dade Police Department)

The Miami-Dade Police Department must return nearly $20,000 in cash they stole (or illegally seized) from a stripper, claiming it was drug money.

via WSB-TV:

The department agreed to pay more than $3,000 in attorney fees to lawyers hired by Ras Cates, 33, and his wife, Lizmixell Batista, who is a stripper at Cheetah Gentleman’s Club in Hallandale Beach.

The couple was arrested May 25 in Miami after police seized six guns — including three assault-type rifles — suspected marijuana oil and several bottles of codeine that did not have valid prescriptions, the Herald reported.

Police also confiscated $19,934 in bills that were found in Batista’s purse. According to body-camera footage, Batista explained why she was carrying so much cash.

“I was supposed to go the bank to deposit the money. We got bills to pay, sweetie,” she said.

The couple was charged with armed drug dealing and other felony charges, but defense attorneys challenged the arrest and prosecutors dropped the case.

“Search of the trunk was illegal,” prosecutor Johnathan Nobile wrote in a memo.

According to the report, the Miami-Dade police department’s legal bureau asked a civil court judge to allow law officials to keep the money, arguing that they believed it was drug money. But at a hearing, a co-worker with Batista at the strip club testified that she earned “significant cash tips” at the club.

The judge ruled there was no probable cause for the seizure and ordered the money returned to the couple.





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15 thoughts on “Florida Cops Ordered To Return Nearly $20k In Cash To Stripper

  1. Ex sleeper on said:

    20,000.00 gone and circulating out of the community as we speak,” gots to get them new Gucci seat covers for my impala.”

    • Phoenix Rising on said:

      Stop manipulating what you’ve read. They got their money and their guns back, and NO charges filed. Marijuana oil, really? Codeine? All boyscout offenses. How about Tylenol w/codeine? No, the corrupt police are the WeDinnDoNuffin Tribe.

      • Mac Daddy not Babby Daddy on said:

        Boyscout offenses? Maybe in your neighborhood, but not the rest of law abiding America

  2. S.D. on said:

    However she earned it, it was her money and if there was no evidence that it was obtained illegally, then it was rightfully returned to her.

  3. Mac Daddy not Babby Daddy on said:

    That weave wearing Ho did not pull in $20k flashing that nasty cooch on stage in 1 evening. Ewww, where there are 3 or more, this playa is out the door

  4. Phoenix Rising on said:

    Rogue cops. Always trying to take what doesn’t belong to them. Corrupt @sses. They should feel stupid. Illegal seizure. Nothing but cowardly thieves. Them mofos already divided the $$ up between the rest of the corrupt cops. Where is the money?? Remember Baltimore’s Task Force? Stealing the money and smoking up the weed they were confiscating from “would be” persons of interest. Hmmmm….all them jokers are looking at their lives from the inside of jail cells now. Nothing but criminals in blue.

  5. Well, we all know what crooked cops do with confiscated DRUG $$$$$–they DIVVIE IT UP AMONGST THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This time it was NOT drug $$$ but REAL LEGAL TENDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Strippers work Hard for Their $$$$. Glad she got her Funds back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. And the teacher says “Hey little Antwon what do your parents do for a living?”
    Ma mama’s a stripper hoe and ma daddy’s her pimp

    • African American Woman on said:

      Straight nasty….I never understood how people can pimp their bodies out and have any dignity…I doubt that money came from stripping due to the other contraband the cops found, but since they had no right to search the car, so, oh well, they get their money back…I bet they will run whatever illegal activities they are into a lot tighter now since the police are now on to them.

      • vdabney722 on said:

        Lighten up folks, strippers have rights too–as long as stripping is legal. And, if her husband’s guns were legally obtained, he’s allowed to carry them in Florida. In fact, it would seem reasonable to me if they are leaving the club with that much cash, that he would want to be armed. I’m NOT a gun person, but this is what we have to live with if guns are legal and so many people have them. Also, the police had probable cause to suspect that some kind of illegal activity was going on, but not until AFTER the search. That’s what made it illegal.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Like I said straight nasty…I never said anything about anyone’s rights…no self respecting man is going to let his wife shake her naked ass in front of strange men unless all he cares about is money and don’t give a damn about her.

  7. tedgravely on said:

    That’s what I’m talking about. Ras Cates and his wife, Lizmixell Batista are more sophisticated than they appear. Lizmixell must be really really really really good at her job. She took mama’s advice to heart. “Whatever you do, be good at it.” She is not a disappointment.

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