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(Photo Credit: Marco Sagliocco,PR Photos)

Ashanti is playing innocent angel after being caught up in some crap after she posted a selfie video (scroll down to watch) of her and her ex-Nelly‘s father last weekend. However, she claims to have no knowledge of the dust up.

Of course it was TMZ that caught up to Ashanti on Thursday at LAX and asked her if she thought her time with Nelly’s daddy is what made the rapper publicly go off on his pops, and declare that he would stop any and all financial support.

She seemed shocked when she found out about the fallout from her video.

The singer/actress said she hopes the rift isn’t because of her, but it seems pretty clear, based on the timing … it is.

She and Nelly dated for a decade, but broke up more than 3 years ago … so you’d think they would’ve moved on by now.


Ashanti brushed off the controversy by explaining her intentions, and also gave up the 411 on her joint LP with Ja Rule.

C’mon Ashanti. You knew, girl. You knew. Pretty good acting, though.

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15 thoughts on “Ashanti Claims She Didn’t Know Nelly Cut His Dad Off Over Her

  1. Nelly is doing all this for that Shantel chic… who needs to get a career other than bopping on celebrity penis. I soooo wish Ashanti bust out with a new, fine ,handsome man that loveeesssss her publicly. Nelly is a waste::: Nothing worse than wasting that much time of your life on a sorry man that couldn’t be faithful:::: smh

  2. Creole on said:

    Ashanti didn’t do anything wrong and if that’s what set Nelly off he really need to grow up. Also, there should not be any bad feelings toward Ashanti.

  3. Patricia Smith on said:

    So we were together for years, i knew your family and was cool with them…we break up and have moved on with our lives, then i run into your mom or dad, you mean i can’t say hello or take a photo with them….damn I’m not sleeping with them…there’s something wrong or more to Nelly and his dad’s relationship then Ashanti taking a photo with him….Nelly life’s too short, you should know that, you didn’t see them french kissing, all hugged up….grow up, I’m sure she’s not into your father like that…friendly photo, grow up

  4. I think this isnt about no one but most likely his new lady’s feelings. How in the hell you going to forget someones dad and not speak to them because you no longer with that person. That would mean you was fake the entire time. Nelly, you going ,”DOWN DOWN BABY FOR THIS!, There is enough hate in the world , kill this shit. Unless its a PR move to keep ypu both in the light.

  5. Charles R.Welch on said:

    Two Words For You Nelly!!!(GROW UP) Seriously. Just Because The Relationship You And Ashanti Went South For Some Strange Reason Doesn’t Mean That Dad Has To Suffer! Only 2 Year Olds With Temper Tantrums Act That Way.Not Unless You Are One!

  6. Charles R.Welch on said:

    Nelly!!! I Got 2 Words For You.”GROW UP” SERIOUSLY.Just Because The Relationship Went South And You And Ashanti Are Not Boyfriend/Girlfriend Doesn’t Mean That Your Dad Has To Suffer! You Are Supposed To Be Better Than That. Only 2 Year Olds With Temper Tantrums Act Like That! Not Unless You Are One.

  7. Itsme on said:

    I agree with Linda. She probably thought it would look bad not to speak since she was with Nelly for 10 years! C’mon now, had anyone been shady to not acknowledge someone you were close to for 10 years? He’s Dad! Get your minds out the gutter! Wake up black folks! It ain’t that deep.

  8. This no nothing, wanna be singer needs to go sit her talentless ass down. She is so not worth the time or energy to any story, and if you saw her in “concert” it was a total waste of money.

  9. Linda on said:

    I don’t see she did anything wrong, she was joking around with her ex’s dad. They weren’t hugged up or anything, she was just being friendly. Does Nelly hate her that much? I thought they were the cutest couple, sorry they didn’t work out.

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