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On May 2, at a Waffle House in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, a couple, identified in a police report as Donald Copeland and Ms. Hart, placed a to-go order around 1 a.m. Before receiving their food, a glass of orange juice arrived, which started the dispute.

According to, “The couple said the menu listed the price of the orange juice at $1, but they were charged $2.50 for the drink on their bill. They argued the charge and refused to pay the additional $1.50, according to the video.”

The couple called the 1-800 customer service to complain, but the Waffle House employee called the police. In the police report, the employee accused the man of “being irate screaming and cussing.”

Once the cops arrived, they immediately took the side of Waffle House, demanding the couple come outside, and then saying they needed to go back inside to pay a bill for food they never received. Officers handcuff Copeland, put him in the back of the car and then handcuffed Hart. At one point in the video, you can hear Hart say, “We didn’t get no food or nothing in front of us. We didn’t get nothing from them, nothing at all. We haven’t been served at all. We haven’t been served so how is it theft? We asked her to explain the bill to us, she gave us no food or nothing and called you guys.”

Watch the disturbing video below:

The cops also mock them for arguing over a dollar, even after the woman tries to explain they were overcharged and never received food. reports, “The couple was released after they agreed to pay the bill and to not return to that Waffle House again, the police report confirmed. The report added: ‘The subjects were later provided the opportunity to pay for their order, which they accepted. Therefore, (they) were released without criminal charges.’”

After outrage on social media, Fort Walton Beach Police Department released the following statement, “The cell phone video being shared only shows a small part of the incident and does not include that the individuals detained were released after the situation calmed and the bill in question was satisfied — which is what the officers were trying to achieve from the beginning.” The statement continued, “We met with other interested parties in regard to this matter and all parties involved determined that while there was no misconduct of the officers that the situation could have been handled differently by both parties involved.”

Clearly, these cops have poor deescalation skills, because if they had spoken to both parties before assuming the Black couple were criminals, this incident wouldn’t have happened.



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19 thoughts on “Waffle House Strikes Again: Black Couple Handcuffed Over Orange Juice

  1. Ex sleeper on said:

    Why get mad at “Mac Daddy”. We ignore the economic empowerment teachings of Martin Luther King , Malcom X, ect…and expect the nation to live up to it’s false promises instead of creating and supporting our own efforts as a people. The comments alone show our ignorance and desire to show our teeth while the joke is really on us.

  2. @Mac Daddy, why are you on this site? We are the most negative person on Black America Web. Are you even Black? Or, do you love being around us in secret?

  3. Anonymous on said:

    Typical racist behave of immediately siding against, the black person or people, instead of remaining natural. Tax payers do not pay police salaries to resolve customer service issues at Waffle House.

    The menu price was $1 dollar. A go-to cup does not cost a $1.50.

    The illegal handcuffing and the lack of professionalism by the police is a major issue.

  4. Candy on said:

    I dont feel any sympathy for them, they clearly thought they were better than the other black people who had been treated poorly at other waffle house locations. They should never have been there.

  5. tedgravely on said:

    Like that black man said, “you going to listen to this white woman?” The police statement is all you need to know about this poorly handled crap by the cops -The statement continued, “We met with other interested parties in regard to this matter and all parties involved determined that while there was no misconduct of the officers that the situation could have been handled differently by both parties involved.” It was the other parties fault that the “so called professional police” didn’t handle the situation better. Always love to put black people in handcuffs. Google First Amendment Audits on Youtube. Those white people raise their voice and curse those so called officers and public officials out. Count the number of times they have put in handcuffs or been arrested. Hard to not think that skin color has a lot to do with it.

  6. Linda on said:

    I just ate at a waffle house, it was so cold my food got cold, service was slow, equipment dirty nasty, lady cooking eggs outta 2 tiny cast iron fry pans, never saw clean them. The don’t hafta worry about me going there again. Just visiting Richmond, just wanted to try it. I won’t t go back considering how they treat us. They better take a page outta Starbucks and get their employees some Diversity Trpaing. Sounds like they need it!

    • Macman on said:

      We wouldn’t have been her if your worthless ass granddaddy and great grandaddy hadn’t of been looking for some cheap ass labor to do what they lazy asses didn’t want to do. Too bad that are no longer here though so you could ask them how good that black pussy was since they preferred it over your sorry ass white granny’s dried up shit!!!

  7. Anon on said:

    It was the couple’s fault that they were placed in handcuffs. The officer asked them to calm down several times, as well as, gave them the option to pay for their food. If they no longer wanted the food, they should have made that clear during their interactions with the officer. Communication was a huge problem. The couple communicated their side very poorly. The officers did a great job of trying to diffuse the situation. The couple was aggressive. I’m sorry, this is not an example of racism.

  8. americanize on said:

    Black America don,t spend ur money at waffle house,Its obvious these two people don,t keep up with current events,it could have cost them there life.

  9. Mac Daddy on said:

    This country and it’s law abiding citizens have made it clear, they will not tolerate the shiggidy behavior that was commonplace under Obamas rein of racial divisivness Come correct Peeps or leave in cuffs

  10. F Waffle House. I wouldn’t pay for something i never received either. The bitch that called the cops should have been handcuffed for calling the cops.

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