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Ex-NBA star Matt Barnes is accusing his ex-wife Gloria Govan and her parents of embezzling over $300,000 of his money to buy a home in California and now he wants them all her kicked out of the pad ASAP.According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Matt filed suit against Govan, her brother Lonnie and both of her parents accusing them all of fraud.

Barnes claims that during his marriage to Gloria, she plotted and schemed with her family on ways to steal his money.The scheme included “using a straw man” — in the form of Gloria’s brother — to purchase a home for Gloria’s parents with Matt’s signature used as a co-purchaser, despite him being unaware of the purchase.Barnes says his signature was forged and the defendants “masqueraded as Matt Barnes in order to advance their scheme of purchasing the property.

”According to the report, after the home was purchased, the title was transferred to Gloria and a company named Mengo LLC, which Matt says is a “mere shell company” created to shield the fraud. He also claims his name was removed from the title following the transfer.

Barnes alleges that over $300,000 was embezzled from his bank account and transferred to a private bank account set up by Gloria.

Now he’s suing for unspecified damages and for a court order stating he is the true owner of the home.

Meanwhile, Govan recently sued Matt for defamation, accusing him of trashing her on social media. She is now engaged to Barnes’ former teammate, former Lakers player and coach Derek Fisher.

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6 thoughts on “Ex-NBA Star Matt Barnes Sues Ex-Wife And In-Laws For Fraud

  1. E-DOG on said:

    What ever happened to finding a woman that HAVEN’T slept around…it seems like men really like women that sleep with multiple men..( especially Pro athletes and rappers ) are they just stupid ?

  2. Ain’t nothing like marrying a woman whom you met at a grocery store, or a high school or college grad with a decent honest job whom love you for you and not some plastic gold digger trophy wife who just want to shop and ha e their hair and nails done which they can’t hardly wipe their behinds because it’s too long (nails) these women and men do not make good wives and husbands . We call these people “plastic “ stay away from these schemers.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      Nothing but the truth, that’s the price of wifing up trophies chicks and ho’s. And now Gloria has moved on the next dummy athlete Derek Fisher her new sponsor.

  3. Wow!! What a mess. This doesn’t sound good. If this is true Does Derek Fisher really know what he’s getting himself into?

    • Passing Though!! on said:

      He doesn’t care she’s non-black Hispanic got him eating out of her hand on a leash. I’m sure she lies and tells him that Matt is just doing this because he’s jealous and he believes her.

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