According to documents obtained by The BlastTyrese is being sued by American Express to recoup an unpaid balance of $61,071.35.

During his custody war with ex-wife Norma Gibson, the actor/singer claimed he was financially strapped, and even said Will and Jada Smith gave him $5 million to help out. That allegation was later refuted by sources close to the couple.

Many are wondering if Tyrese is really as cash-strapped as he claims because he bought a new $4 million home in Atlanta last year. He has petitioned to relocate his daughter to Atlanta because, he claims, she can live in luxury and attend private school. He offered to fly his ex-wife back and forth for visits to maintain the parental relationship, which he alleges she would not do in his situation.

This week, Tyrese also had his legal team rush to court and stop his ex-wife from taking their daughter to Israel. Gibson appeared in court Tuesday for an emergency hearing, seeking an order to let her take her daughter out of the country.

The Fast and the Furious star’s attorney argued that there’s no sound reason for Norma to take the child to Israel and he claims Tyrese is worried about the safety there, especially since more violence has erupted since the U.S. embassy was moved into Jerusalem.

Tyrese reportedly scored a victory in this latest ’bout with his ex, and not only got the judge to shut down Norma’s request, but made her agree to turn over Shayla’s passport.

The judge also scolded Norma’s legal team for putting so much time into preparing a “well-written seven-page request with seventeen exhibits,” but then filing it as an emergency petition.



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