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The NFL may have banned Colin Kaepernick for using his First Amendment right to peacefully protest against injustice, but the 30-year-old has clearly moved on. He is now teaming up with Emmy winner Ava DuVernay for a television series that will definitely be a must-see.

DuVernay has several projects in the works and one of them, according to Vanity Fair, is with the former NFL player, which will be a “TV comedy series with Colin Kaepernick that centers on his high-school life.” No word on when or where this will air, but it should definitely be a fascinating story.

Kaepernick’s father was Black and his mother was white, but he was given up for adoption. A white couple named  Rick and Teresa Kaepernick adopted him and he was raised in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin until he was 4. The family eventually moved to Turlock, California, which is where he attended high school. He was an overall athlete and became a sports star in Central California because of his accomplishments in football and basketball.

With Ava behind him, there could so some interesting stories tell and you can be guaranteed these two will definitely insert some needed social commentary.

Another note, Ava is also directing a Netflix series on The Central Park Five. They were 5 Black teenagers who were wrongfully accused of assaulting a white woman in New York City’s Central Park in 1989. Their lives were destroyed and Donald Trump famously took out a full page ad in The New York Times calling for their execution.

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10 thoughts on “Ava DuVernay Turning Colin Kaepernick’s High School Experience Into TV Series

  1. eddie on said:

    Its a SHAME that other big name athletes wont support Cap in a real way ..imagine if ALL of the Black athletes took a knee or refuse to take the field …We really don’t understand how much power we have when we stick together,,,that’s the only reason we don’t sit the back of the bus or can’t eat at lunch counters..some-one stood up..Thanks Cap…too bad you have cowards as you peers !!!!

    • If all the “big name black athletes” decided to all of a sudden drop down to one knee during a football game, how would that prevent police brutality? Once they leave the field, it would just be business as usual. If all the big name athletes, in their everyday lives, got involved in trying to change laws and policies, went out into the communities and created a dialogue between people and the police and put forth some real effort, then maybe, just maybe we’d see some change. Kneeling on the football field may look all cool, but it does absolutely nothing to solve the problem.

  2. Perry on said:

    How ironic that this man is being kept from football over a question of patriotism, but we have a President making deals with Russians to steal American elections and lying about it and he is still in office. No lie will last forever and a good man will not forever be mistreated.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      And the NFL owners will feel like a bunch of jack asses when trump is indicted and IMPEACHED for his collusion with Russia. These dummies are taking direction from a treasonous traitor talking about patriotism while he bent this country over to Russia.

  3. Passing Through!! on said:

    Irrelevant enough to keep the president’s attention but after all he does need a distraction from the heating Russian scandal.

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