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AP Photo/Joel Ryan)

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The  Michael Jackson estate is objecting to an ABC TV special airing Thursday on the end of the life of the late King of Pop.

The estate said in a statement to The Associated Press on Wednesday that “The Last Days of Michael Jackson” is not approved by Jackson’s heirs, and will most likely violate their intellectual property rights.

The statement calls the special an unauthorized attempt to exploit Jackson without respect for his legacy or his children.

Representatives for ABC owner Disney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The estate says ABC was using a copyrighted image to promote the special, but stopped after demands from Jackson attorneys.

It says it understands the show uses other intellectual property without permission, including music, photos and artwork.

Promos for the show have been removed from social media, but ABC still plans to air the special.



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6 thoughts on “The Michael Jackson Estate Is Not Happy With ABC Special On His Last Days

  1. Karl Crosby on said:

    Michael Jackson was the true King of Pop and that can’t be taken away from him. So many professional people are trying to exploit his name even after his death. They won’t even let him rest in peace. But yet the white man is always telling the black man in America that money ain’t everything. The white man will even try to exploit your name even after death if he thinks that money can be gained.

  2. Amber on said:

    I am sick these folks bothering Michael. The man did not have no peace when he was alive trying to do good and please everyone in public, etc and dealing with lies, false allegations, etc and they are still doing it now that he gone for the past nine years all for $$$$$$$. I do not blame the family. enuf is enuf.

  3. How many damn different ways can you tell the same story? How is anyone still watching these warmed over “specials” of deceased people? They’re dead. Buried. The story has been told and retold ad nauseam. Why would anyone want to watch yet another Michael/Whitney/Bobbi/Elvis, ect. “special?” Move on already!

  4. ABC is showing a total lack of RESPECT for Michael Jackson and the Jackson family.

    Are the damn Nielsen ratings so important????????????????

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