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Michael B Jordan Essence Cover

Source: Michael Rowe / Essnce

We just want to stop and take this time to thank the Father, the son and the holy ghost for bestowing Michael Blessing Jordan upon us. The blood of a lamb shall pour tonight. We were scrolling Twitter yesterday, minding our business when boom! Essence dropped their June cover with none other than Wakanda’s finest villain kill my vagina, Killmonger.

The Fahrenheit 451 star graces the cover clad in a fine red fireman adjacent track suit, showing of his heavenly sculpted abs and chiseled waistline. Someone turn on the fire hydrant, we’re getting parched just thinking about it.

The mere sight of MBJ’s pecs on the glossy set the net ablaze, quickly signaling a 5- alarm fire (there’s so many good fire references here, it’s too good to be true).

It wasn’t long before women were waving their white towels out their window in hopes of being rescued. And then it happened, we all got pregnant.



See you in 10 months.


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9 thoughts on “Michael B. Jordan’s Essence Cover Has The Internet Going Crazy

  1. Really on said:

    Black girls need not apply, I don’t support these weak coward users of black women who get their money and give to the white women’ they are taught to put on a pedestal. They are no defenders or protectors or providers for black women or their race. They are disgusting

  2. Passing Through! on said:

    I don’t support any black man who doesn’t support me. There’s nothing attractive enough about you that will make me give you my black dollars to go spend on your white woman. But I agree it starts with black woman withdrawing their support.

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        Black women are stupid for supporting ANY black man who will not date or marry anyone black. He builds his career, fame and money off of black women, the black community and then sells out and marries a white girl. Like Ted mentioned in his post below how Taye Diggs made the comment “He’s hesitant to date someone white” he made that comment because black women pulled their support from him once they saw what black woman hating coon he is and when he lost black women’s support his career went to shit. Why? Because the white women don’t support this fool’s career or watch his movies they’re just along for the ride and to spend his money. And now he’s mad, mad because black won’t support him while he smears his white women in their face. This ni**ga is black as tar and has a fetish for white women who won’t even bother to support his failing ass career. I just can’t get excited for a black man who’s not attracted to a woman of his own race.

      • “I don’t support any black man who doesn’t support me.” I ask you again. How is he marrying a black woman supporting you?

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        “I don’t support any black man who doesn’t support me.” I ask you again. How is he marrying a black woman supporting you?
        It obviously isn’t about me directly it’s about him marrying a woman of his own race, Damn! If you really have to ask I can’t explain it to you.

  3. Ted Gravely on said:

    Omari, Wesley, Taye, Cuba, Terrance, etc. Their MO is to start black, build up a fan base and do just like Kanye said in his song Gold Digger with another one, Jamie. They know they can play you. You’re still going to buy the product and their game. It’s all about supply and demand. If you keep flocking to the theaters and concert halls, why should they change? In the past, they would try to trick you like Sidney Poitier, Michael Jordan, Jermaine Jackson, etc……. Now you can forget it – Kobe, MJ, and Charles are goners. Stop chasing and supporting them with your dollars. Treat them like they treat you – non existent. So if you know who this brother really is and what he is about – tell Essence to keep him off the cover and don’t buy this one. Why buy the cow when the milk is free? I don’t have to feed or water the cow, but I still get the same benefit. Y’all run and support best man and the sequels no matter what tom foolery Taye Diggs spout -Taye Diggs Says It’s Black Women’s Fault He’s Now Hesitant to Date White Women. Yep, he said it. Watch, y’all still support that idiot.

  4. Passing Through!! on said:

    Brace yourself! Black women you will be but hurt heart broken when he shows up on the red carpet with a white/white-ish chick. Denzel said he was passing the torch to Michael B, but he’s going to have to marry/date an authentic woman of color before I can give him my Denzel stamp of approval. His fan base/audience is primarily black women let’s see how fast he will piss on his queens to put some white/ethnic white girl on a pedestal.

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