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Whitney Houston’s family is not holding anything back in the new documentary from Kevin Macdonald called Whitney. In the doc which was recently debuted as Cannes Film Festival it was revealed that Whitney was molested by Dionne Warwick’s sister Dee Dee at a young age.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that the revelations of the abuse comes about three quarters of the way through the film.

Whitney’s brother Gary Garland-Houston says in Whitney he was molested when he was only seven years old all the way up until he was nine by a female family member, and says Whitney was abused too.

Dee Dee was 18 years older than Whitney Houston, but documentary goes on to say that the experience made Whitney question her own sexuality and ultimately led to her drug abuse. The documentary also hints at shining a light on Whitney’s long rumored relationship with her friend Robyn.

Whitney is in theaters July 6th. Click here to watch the trailer for Whitney now.

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6 thoughts on “New Whitney Houston Documentary Reveals She Was Molested As A Child

  1. Amber on said:

    When someone dies, it is over. What proof do we have that they speak is true when the source id dead and not here to agree or disagree with it. I have seen non famous people make claims on the dead let alone someone famous and rich. Person is dead, you can say what you want even if it is lies.

  2. Mishane on said:

    The Houston family should be ashame of themselves. They are that hard up for $$ ? So what if she was gay!! That was her choice let her rest in peace!!!

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