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26th Annual EMA Awards - Arrivals

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Willow Smith has moved to the beat of her own drum since we were introduced to her as a young child. But what no one knew, including her mom Jada Pinkett-Smith, is that she was struggling internally with something pretty heavy.

On the latest episode of Jada’s Facebook series, Red Table Talk, Willow revealed that at just 9 years old, and at the height her “Whip My Hair” success, she was self harming by cutting her wrists.


The transparency between Queen Jada and her princess is something most young Black folks still aspire to have with their families:

We’re just glad to see that our beloved Willow is still here with us and didn’t let the pressures of fame bring her down.

Well done, sis.


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5 thoughts on “Willow Smith Shocks Mom And Grandmother With Self-Harm Secret

  1. GSOpher on said:

    My mom was not into scientology but, worked and had a busy lifestyle. I was overwhelmed taking cate of the house, school & siblings not able to be a teen and i remember the day a too was a cutter mom nor any of my family even knew it.
    Yes, it is scary but, God is our protector & provider. Be careful how you judge. This open dialogue is needed on so many levels.

    • Passing Through! on said:

      Because Scientologist let their children raise themselves. They probably just assumed she was going through normal teenager emotions when she was really crying for help.

  2. Passing Through!! on said:

    Will and Jada followed white Hollywood into the cult of Scientology. Scientologists believe that children have no restrictions, basically they raise themselves, there are no rules or regulations. If your 11 year old wants to wear makeup, shave her head and dye her hair pink and purple you should allow them to do it. The problem with Willow is she grew way too fast, doing too much too young, some of the things she was writing about at 12 & 13 were very mature subject matter that exceeded her age. I mean you’re 13 trying to start a clothing line? There’s nothing wrong with training your kids for success or teaching them about the business while there are young, but a kid needs to be a kid at the same time. When a child misses or skips that step in their life it ruins them as adults, I don’t care how much money you have. Having a childhood is essential to your development as an adult. That’s why Lil Bow Wow is screwed up and was also suicidal at one point in his life, he said that he experienced too much too early in his life and now in his late 20’s there’s nothing else to see, or accomplish. Look at Will’s first son from his first marriage, he’s a thriving young adult and we never see or hear anything about him. Why? Because he stayed out of the spotlight and lived a normal life.

    Willow need to stop putting pressure on herself to follow in her parents footsteps, she doesn’t have to be famous just because her parents are.

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