#RussRant: Kanye West Needs Serious Help


Russ believes that as a people we should ,”pray that he (Kanye West) gets the help he needs,” instead of trying to justify his commentary on social media.

“What everybody is starting to see is that it’s mental illness. And it’s not funny,” explained Russ. Situations like this brings awareness to mental health and getting the necessary help. What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “#RussRant: Kanye West Needs Serious Help

  1. Honety, he sold his soul along time ago. He is now handled by his fake wife Kim and trumpty, so any money he makes will go back to the white man, also that is not the real Kanye, this thing is under mind control

  2. Passing Through!! on said:

    How can he tell blacks not to be Democrats while supporting a racist RepubliKKKan, that’s pure madness in itself. Had he made that comment without professing his love for trump I could support what he said. At least we had a black democrat president something the Republikkkans would never allow.

  3. !!! Black people don’t have to be democrats,” — Kanye West’s Twitter storm !!! Wow, personally, I used to say it is not since somebody is dark skin to feel being democrat because in my own perspective, epidermis isn’t the unique epithet of xenophobia! And I still believe it mirrors a unblemished common sense. But the Rapper has drowned the swoop bombshell. In fact, if it is not just political involvement, where do stand my follow friends? – Versaint

  4. The Truth on said:

    When a person begin making comments so far off the wall until you know his reasoning is gone. I mean it’s no need to comment because his response is unreachable. He needs HELP we are seeing the signs. These are not normal comments or response. He is screaming for help and Kim should realize that and stop making excuses. It’s not a joke or publicity he needs HELP.

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