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A Toronto Chinese restaurant is receiving backlash after what it appears to be targeting its Black customers by asking them to pre-pay for their meals. The restaurant now has to pay 10,000 Canadian dollars due to ruling from a 2014 incident according to Blavity.

Emile Wickham a Black man from Trinidad and Tobago went to Hong Shing a Toronto restaurant with friends to celebrate his birthday in May of 2014. Wickham at the time was living in Toronto attending York University.

After placing their orders, a waiter at their table asked them to pay for their meals which Wickham and his friends did.

In a ruling by the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, Wickham’s testimony states that his group complied with pre-paying for their meals even though they didn’t feel comfortable doing it. After paying, Wickham asked other customers in the restaurant, who were not Black, if they were asked to pre-pay for their meals. Several of those people that they asked said they weren’t asked to.

Learning this, Wickham went back to the server, according to the testimony, and asked why his group was asked to pre-pay. He says the server didn’t give them a reason but offered to refund them.

“The applicant said that it was evident that the waiter simply wanted to end the conversation as quickly as possible, and was being very defensive,” explained the ruling.

This incident led Wickham to file a report with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario against the restaurant for racial discrimination.

In its defense, the restaurant stated in the ruling that they have customers who “dine and dash.”

“Because of its location, the restaurant attracts something of a transient crowd, and unfortunately it was very common in the past that customers ‘dine and dash’ – that is, eat their meals, and leave the restaurant without paying,” according to the ruling. It continues, “There was never any intent to discriminate against the applicant; all customers who are not known to be regulars are treated the same way.”

Esi Codjoe, the vice chair of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario ruled that the restaurant use racial discrimination against Wickham based off of “race, colour, and ethnic origin.”

The restaurant had to pay Wickham 10,000 Canadian dollars ($7,805.49) and was ordered to place a Human Rights Commission Code sign in a noticeable place in their restaurant.

Codje wrote in the ruling that the restaurant assumed that Wickham was a thief without evidence to support the assumption.

“His mere presence as a Black man in a restaurant was presumed to be sufficient evidence of his presumed propensity to engage in criminal behavior,” wrote Codje. “At its core, racial profiling is a form of shorthand that enables the perpetrator of the behavior to assume certain facts, and ignore others.”



(Source: Blavity)

(Photo Credit: Twitter)

18 thoughts on “Toronto Restaurant To Pay Thousands For Discrimination Against Black Man

  1. SheCat54 on said:

    Why do we continue to give these racist spooky looking creatures our money for that gross stuff they call food? Why?

  2. Tiana Nonbasic on said:

    I do not know…. I reported MAC DADDY to the site and nothing We all need to report him and these other racist. They have their own sites and KKK meetings so the only reason for them to be on here is to spread their HATE!

  3. October on said:

    I don’t believe blacks skip out as much as others. Even if this did happen in the past, all Black folk are not the same. Would love to hear their side of the argument.

  4. stephanie Jones on said:

    Canada great country, they don’t believe in this long drawn out problem. Tried those racist pigs, find them guilty, with a dose of bad publicity, end of story

  5. Ted Gravely on said:

    Glad he was compensated, that’s what those racist people get. I don’t understand the restaurants. If you have a dine and dash problem, make everybody prepay. It’s that simple. Kind of like fast food places. You pay, they serve, you eat.

  6. Janice on said:

    I’m glad they were found guilty because they are and they want your money. Don’t go back because they don’t come to any of our restaurants.

  7. So glad to see justice was served here this racism thing by certain prople by other races of ppl has really gotten way out of control. Why can’t these ppl just stop hating because God made us all to look different.If he’s all our creator you don’t have the right to claim to be superior.

    • This dispels the myth that minorities in America can’t be racist. The sad fact is that prejudice,mostly through ignorance, is not only fed into all minorities by the predominantly white host culture here but is developed in the ancestral countries where they are the majority.We too often forget that brown North African Muslims were enslaving black sub-Saharan Africans (mostly our ancestors who refused to convert to Islam) centuries before Europeans built tall ships and did the same in the name of Jesus.

      • SheCat54 on said:

        What’s your point? People need to stop trying to educate on these sites this is where you come to speak your true feelings, Ships? go on get, you on the wrong site. Ships?

  8. !!! Black people don’t have to be democrats,” — Kanye West’s Twitter storm !!! Wow, personally, I used to say it is not since somebody is dark skin to feel being democrat because in my own perspective, epidermis isn’t the unique epithet of xenophobia! And I still believe it mirrors a unblemished common sense. But the Rapper has drowned the swoop bombshell. In fact, if it is not just political involvement, where do stand my follow friends? – Versaint

  9. The Truth on said:

    Sue This sick attutide stuff is coming from the top. You do it for All skin color. I have Not seen one crime committed the people not matter what your skin color has NOT COMMITTED. PEOPLE DO YOU GET IT PEOPLE ARE ALL THE SAME NOT MATTER WHAT YOU ARE TALKONG ABOUT PEOPLE A SKIN COLOR DON’T MAKE YOU BETTER OR WORST IT’S PEOPLE PERIOD…

  10. Mac Daddy on said:

    The reason is simple, blacks skip out on checks constantly. It’s a good business move if you want to stay in business

    • Jigga on said:

      And I assume we shouldn’t let white men into restaurants, schools, hotels, UPS or police academies because they tend to commit atrocious crimes against strangers.

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