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Chikesia Clemons was exposed and arrested at an Alabama Waffle House after asking why she had to pay 50 cents for utensils she didn’t previously pay for. No woman should be treated that way and yet police find it okay to handle woman of color in this way.

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One thought on “DL’s GED Section: Women Of Color Continue To Be Mistreated By Police

  1. Hello My name is Amy. We have similarly been going through some of the same type of demeaning and disrespectful behavior as the Starbucks GENTLEMEN. The only difference was that my daughter worked there. As she tried to work she was severly harassed and embarrassed by one of the owners of Zaxbys. I stopped in and ate a few times a week. Paid full price for everything at all times. I was never told there was a problem The owner called the police and they said that I was trespassing and asked to leave the premises. Long story short, the police beleived the white owner and not much else was done.She has been scarred from that experience.

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