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Water gushing from tap into bath containing bubble bath

Residents living in the Compton and Willowbrook area of California are concerned about the discolored water they’ve seen come out of the taps in their houses, according to ABC 7.

“When I see it, I’m depressed. I feel bad because I feel like they are not treating us like human beings,” expressed Karen Lewis a resident.

At a press conference held by the Sativa Los Angeles County Water District residents protested in anger about the condition of their water. They don’t think the water is safe to use for anything. However, officials say that there isn’t anything wrong with the water.

“Four times a year, crews open fire hydrants to flush out the build-up of minerals from inside the pipes,” explained a water official. They continued saying even though the water was discolored it doesn’t “pose any threat to customers.”

How do you get residents to believe that brown water coming from their taps is safe to drink after being used to getting clear water and told that it’s healthy? Residents describe the water as brown and rust colored.

“We’re scared,” said resident Martha Barajas.  “We hear about all these illnesses that can come from dirty water and we are in fear.”

Water officials from the state of California were in the city to take water samples back for testing.


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(Source:  ABC 7)

(Photo Credit: ThinkStock Images)

4 thoughts on “Compton Residents Concerned About Discolored Tap Water

  1. Well here we go again. Another water problem in the Urban areas. First Flint, now CA. That’s the best way to get rid of someone. Through the water. Start boiling everything. And be careful where you eat or drink. It’s a serious war of human beings going on now. And it seems it’s about to get worse, before it gets better. If we ever needed the Lord, we sure do need him now.

  2. No surprise here just another Black owned and Operated city going to sh!t under democratic rule
    CNN or MSNBC better run a story on Trumps collusion so the plantation negros can think about something else while their children get sick

  3. Last year it was Flint Michigan with their contaminated water-now it is Compton CA.
    Funny, how un-sanitary drinking waters only make it to communities of color-
    You never hear of un-clean tap water flowing thru snowflakes communities.


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