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Nicholas Glasco

A Georgia family is grieving the loss of their son who lost his life a month from graduation and a week away from his 19th birthday.

Nicholas Glasco was allegedly shot and killed by his best friend Dean Dunkley according to Fox 5 in Atlanta. On Saturday, April 14 Glasco was inside Dunkley’s home when the two seemed to have a disagreement.

“From what was said it happened inside but was dragged outside,” explained Carmel Tye Glasco’s cousin. “It’s how you do an animal, not a human. No reason for that.”

Dunkley, 18, is charged with murder and is being held at the Dekalb County Jail. When Glasco’s family was notified that Dunkley was the killer they were in shock.

“It was shocking to all of us when we got the call,” explained Bryanna Tye Glasco’s cousin. “Never thought someone like this – he was a good guy period.” The two had been best friends for years according to Glasco’s family.

“I just pray justice Dean gets life without parole,” expressed Bryanna. “Just give his family closure to why and what really happened.”



(Source: Fox 5 in Atlanta )

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5 thoughts on “Georgia Teen Killed By Best Friend A Week Before His Birthday

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    Two Families destroyed. Young people, death is permanent. This isn’t a video game or melodic song. Condolences all around, one young man is dead and the other has a dead life ahead.

  2. Mac Daddy on said:

    White people aren’t the enemy, police aren’t either. The enemy comes from within. And that assailant often is of the darker skinned complexion and proudly displaying the weave of self hatred. Beware Peeps, in packs of 3 or more they should not under any circumstances be approached

    • In packs of 3 or more, is the only time your race of people, get the courage to attack a black man. Look at the KKK and policemen. Because you know, you’ll get the shit beat out your yellow asses.

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