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Do you take showers every day?

Actually, the fact is that you should only shower twice in a week, according to the normal standards of health and hygiene and as advised by the experts.

Some of the reasons supporting this statement are:

*The first and important reason as to why showering daily is not good if you also wet your hair is that it would make your hair dry. (Most, but not all Black women already know this!) Showering daily erases necessary oils and sebum released from the scalp and skin and would make them both ultra-dry. Hence, avoid frequent showers.

*You may even rip off your nails and make them dry too by taking frequent showers. The keratin protein present in the nails and hairs tends to get eliminated slowly if they are projected to prolonged contact with water.

Showering daily and too unnecessarily wastes water up to 30-40% so to prevent excessive water waste, you should not shower daily.

*Next reason not to shower daily is that it washes away the good bacteria present on your body that is helpful in combating the harmful bacteria. This good bacteria is actually a shield for your body which gets eroded by the frequent showers.”

*Another good reason not to shower daily is that you may not as dirty as you think. If you don’t sweat excessively, then you really don’t need daily showering because your body care products are enough to keep you clean.

*You are even drying your skin by taking shower daily. This may cause excessive dehydration and finally result in chipping off dead skin.

Do you think you could go a day or two without showering? 






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4 thoughts on “6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Shower Everyday

  1. Demetrious Earthly on said:

    you’re promoting a bunch of nonsense my ex-wife used to have her kids shower once a week to keep the utility bills down and they smelled like funky old tennis shoes at best. They could never have any friends but her family could never see the connection. I suggested that Id pay for the showers but they used scalding hot water for an hour each so i just sprayed them down with diluted clorox esp in the genital area and underarms and rinse it off with warm water. They gained friends quickly and were soon running with gangs and moved out with their drug sales proceeds. For me i didnt condone it but i was told to myob, since they werent my kids. They are all in jail for life now and my ex thinks she did nothing wrong as a mom. Bottom line is wash your ass everyday or go to jail whete you dont have to!

  2. African American Woman on said:

    Yo, I know several people at work who have been following this nonsense for years! They smell like old garbage.

  3. Maureen on said:

    I shower twice a day and I wash my hair each time, what you are suggesting is totally unacceptable. We know how people smell in other countries that do not shower daily and it is not good. YACK

  4. What keeps ringing in my head is me playing outside all day and coming in the house and my mama telling me I smell like ‘outside’, go take a shower! I’ll continue my daily showers and moisturizer my wonderfully soft skin with some shea butter 🙂

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