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Sheree Whitfield

Another one bites the bust or in this case the heel. Sheree Whitfield will not be returning to the season 11 of Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

Whitfield got fired from the show after filming season 10’s reunion episode according to Us Weekly. Her relationship to Tyrone Gilliam, her boyfriend serving 10 years in prison for wire fraud, could have also added to why the network has not asked her to come back.

“Bravo can’t film inside or even outside the jail. This is causing a problem with her storyline, ” a source told Us Weekly. There have also been reports that Whitfield’s good friend Kim Zolciak -Biermann will also not return to the show.

This is not the first time Whitfield has left the show. Being on the show for its first four seasons, she left in 2012. She came back in 2005 during season 8 as a friend role and then returned full-time in 2016 for seasons 9 and 10.

The second part of Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion comes back Sunday, April 15 on Bravo at 8 p.m./7c



(Source: Us Weekly )

(Photo Credit: Paul Froggatt / PR Photos)

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24 thoughts on “Report: Sheree Whitfield Is No Longer On ‘RHOA’

  1. Donna Johnson on said:

    This is what happens when you spend ALL your time focusing on other people’s lives… They move forward and you get LEFT BEHIND as you so rightly deserve… The lesson Sheree is— be PRESENT in YOUR life and absent from others… You had to gossip and carry news to be relevant because you HAD NOTHING of your own to contribute to the cast… B-Y-E. You WON’T be missed because you were IRRELEVANT…

    • Deborah Mosley on said:

      I 100% agree with your comment Donna. Frankly I was offended by her story line. Nothing positive to offer no need to see her on TV. Hopefully her BFF Kim will never return. Her mouth is way to reckless and now her daughter trying to find relevance by starting drama with cast. These two are thirsty for checks. Get a real job to pay for all the botched plastic surgery. Kim,s lips are offensive

  2. Ms kim on said:

    Didn’t know we were going in on KANDI!!
    😢😢😢😢ALL she good for is fuckin/ crying
    She’s the most annoying. If I was porsha
    I would not keep apologizing! Dayum

  3. Robbin on said:

    I’m glad she gone with her messy ass , take Porsche with you. Candy was a victim on the bullshit Phaedra told Porsche that she repeated without knowing the facts. People don’t get it you can’t just spread lies like that about people. Some people don’t come back from rumors like that.

  4. Tracey Moody on said:

    I am so glad that bitch is off the and I’m glad Kim ass went with her and I hate to say it I wish candy would shut the fuck up Phaedra started that shit you keep bringing that shit up to Porsche sit your ass down quit acting like the victim we didt seen you cry this much over your husband or your besfrind your mother lie on him his deceased mother you act like that wouldn’t shit so from your fans to you get another story line

    • Barbara Harris on said:

      Sheree started too many lies then stood back and watched!!! Collect bones some where else! Now you and Kim can talk about Kenya some where else. You don’t win when you play dirty!!

  5. Jean Wilson on said:

    I will not look at the RHOA until Phaedra comes back. I hate Candace and Cynthia, I have lost total interest. Will find another show.

  6. Good riddance to Sheree and her phony ass.
    I wonder how she is now going to pay the mortgage on her “Chauteau Sheree”????????

    • Rochelle on said:

      They sayTyrone paid for it with his dirty money before he went to jail. Which might be true because the Feds lock you up and take all your assets, so he likely stashed it with her.

      • Barbara Harris on said:

        If he did stash it with her and they find out she could go to jail herself!!!!

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