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You may recall the now former Jet Blue flight attendant Marsha Gay Reynolds. She was a Jamaican beauty queen turned flight attendant who was stopped after a random 2nd security checkpoint (she evaded the first, public checkpoint, after showing her flight attendant badge) when 60 pounds of cocaine (street valued at nearly $2M) was found in her baggage at LAX.

Yes, her!

Authorities said Reynolds dropped her carry-on luggage, kicked off her heels, fled down an upward-moving escalator and out of the terminal.

She surrendered in New York days later.

Now she has been sentenced for her crime.

Because of her cooperation with prosecutors, a judge on Monday sentenced Reynolds to “time already served in custody.”

City News Service reports she is likely to be released shortly. She’ll spend three years on supervised release.

Take a look at the video report below.





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20 thoughts on “Cocaine-Smuggling Flight Attendant Is Sentenced

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    That’s about right. She was carrying powder Cocaine, not Crack. In the eyes of the government, they are totally different. White collar drug, white collar crime, white collar sentencing. Just google Cocaine or powdered Cocaine light sentences. Now if some guy put her up to it, she should have sang like a free bird. Don’t use a woman to do your dirty work.

  2. Bad Boy on said:

    She told and people like her know when you corroborate with the government by telling on others you definitely know the consequences comes behind this. You got caught so handle your responsibility because you knew what you were doing girl and you know that you could be caught so why snitch on others.

  3. Annie B on said:

    WOW! That is so stupid. She has the privilege of working with the airlines with the free traveling benefit for her and her family and the mess that up. As a former airlines employee, I would give anything to go back and work for the airlines again. If I am still looking the way I am today maybe I will, but after when I retired in 7 years from my government job. (: (;

  4. I don’t know how she got such a light sentence. She should have receive the same sentence as a black or hispanic man. Being pretty is no excuse for crime. She knew better. She will pay if not jail time then in her personal life. What an extremely dumb life choice!

  5. It ain’t black priviledge,cause no such thing exist, but it sure is pretty privilege. If she was physically hit and black, judge would’ve sent her up the river to do hard time. Beauty pays

  6. Black beckie on said:

    She lost her job and she would be in danger in prison being so beautiful. This is not a violent criminal so light sentence.

  7. This is the stupidest thing a flight attendant could ever do. Obviously, she WANTED to get caught!
    Perhaps she knew that she would get a break. Flight attendants and people who work for the airlines should get harsher sentences than regular passengers because they SHOULD KNOW BETTER.Think about all the harassment ordinary people go through with security just to get on the #$$%^$&# plane?!!

  8. Hmmmmm–If Ms. Beauty Queen had been just a regular chick from the “hood” found carrying 60 pounds of nose-cabdy-YOU CAN BE SURE she would have received a STIFFER JAIL SENTENCE.

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