Inside Her Story: Using Midwives Can Help Birth Complications In Black Women


African-American women are three times as likely to die from complications of childbirth with the death of Black infants double that of white infants. Research says that midwives can help decrease that number for African-American women.

Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Anayah Sangodele-Ayoka a midwife and maternal health advocate to find out just how it can help.

“A midwife may be a nurse. For example, I’m a certified nurse midwife so I’m a registered nurse but also gone on to graduate studies upon a graduate school,” explained Sangodele -Ayoka. As a midwife, she ensures, “the health of baby and mom during pregnancy, during the labor, during the birth process.”

Further looking into a study suggest that collaborating with good training can make for healthy births.

“What this study shows is that when midwives are about to practice according to our training, according to our scope, and what we’ve been certified to do in any state that health outcomes are better across the board for moms and babies,” says  Sangodele -Ayoka. “That has to do with us providing the care that we specialize in but also being able to collaborate with our physician partners when we need it.”

If you’re interested and want a midwife, head over to



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