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Taraji P. Henson has been making her rounds through Hollywood snatching every opportunity she can get! If she’s not on Empire you can catch her in Proud Mary and now staring in Tyler Perry’s new movie Acrimony. And this new movie is sure to have on the edge of your seat.

“It’s about a woman’s scorn and what happens when she is scorned and she’s hurt and how she lashes out, you know,” explains Henson. “There is a twist in the movie because what I love is that you know you see the story in the beginning is told from her side. As in all relationships there is one persons side and the other persons side.”

But no matter how many sides are presented the truth is always central. “The way the truth is delivered to you is such an amazing twist. I can’t tell you,” expressed Henson.

She also saw a little bit of herself in the character she plays. “I think we all have the element of snap. We can all snap.”

Catch Acrimony in theaters on March 30.

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