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The woman accusing Trey Songz of assault spoke out for the first time at a press conference in Los Angeles today (March 13). Andrea Buera was flanked by her attorney, Lisa Bloom, as she held back tears and shared how Trey allegedly hit her so hard she vomited from a concussion.

According to reports, Trey and Andrea were at a Hollywood Hills party when the singer allegedly struck her in the face repeatedly because she was talking to another man.

Buera, who claims she has known Songz for about 3 years, wants an apology from him. She also said witnesses watched the attack and did nothing. She wants them to come forward too.

According to Bloom, an investigator allegedly hired by Songz has been harassing Andrea’s family. They have not filed a civil suit but Bloom said it is possible.

Buera hired Bloom and went to court to get a restraining order against Trey. In her complaint, she accuses him of throwing two of her cell phones down a hill when she tried calling an Uber.

According to TMZ, she filed a police report and went to the hospital. Trey’s attorney, Shawn Holly, said there are witnesses who dispute Andrea’s account.

Cops are now investigating.

Lisa Bloom said in a tweet


Watch Buera’s press conference below.







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3 thoughts on “Woman Says Trey Songz Beat Her While Others Watched

  1. Because the law in our country is “innocent until proven guilty” I won’t comment on whether I believe he’s guilty or not. BUT!!!!! If he is and to the people who watched him beat this woman, SHAME. ON. YOU. According to her story they had been together for 3 years and IF he beat her up prior to this, there should NEVER have been a next time. She has a 7 year old child she is responsible for and herself, she has to make responsible choices from the beginning. If this happened the way she said it did then, GOOD FOR HER for having him prosecuted. There is no man and I mean no man I think more highly of than me, and if he’s not dead, he will be prosecuted.

  2. Passing Through!! on said:

    If he did it prosecute him. What’s the purpose of holding PRESS conferences in the court of public opinion. If she has all of this evidence and witnesses why keep going public with this story, crying in front of the cameras looking like an opportunist. If they have known each other 3 years this probably isn’t the first time. And of course she’s not black so good for his ass.

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