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Oh Lord, our favorite knucklehead has done it again. Nick Gordon – who was accused by Bobby Brown of being responsible for the death of his daughter, Bobbi Kristina – has once again been busted for domestic violence.

Gordon was arrested in Seminole, Florida for an incident referred to as “battery-touch or strike.” It’s another way of listing it as a domestic violence case. He posted a $500 bond, but has not been released as of yet, according to a TMZ report:

According to the arrest report, obtained by TMZ, Gordon told cops his girlfriend refused to leave his residence after throwing a bottle at him and ripping his shirt. He claims she attacked him for no reason, and that she was “crazy.”

But according to Gordon’s GF, per police, she picked up Gordon from a bar and that while driving back he allegedly struck her in the right side of her face several times. She also says in the report that he pulled her hair and told her he should make her crash her car. Once home, she claims they got into another verbal altercation.

The arresting officer says he saw visible marks on the GF, and placed Gordon under arrest even though the woman refused to press charges.

If this domestic violence thing with Gordon sounds familiar, it’s because he was also arrested in June, 2017 for domestic violence involving a new girlfriend, but the woman stopped cooperating and the charges were dropped.

As we’ve reported in the past, Gordon was under scrutiny in connection with Bobbi Kristina’s death in 2015. There were allegations of domestic violence  just before she was found unresponsive in a bathtub. The investigation was never closed

Meanwhile, Gordon lost a wrongful death suit and is on the hook for $36 million to Bobbi Kristina’s estate.




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20 thoughts on “Nick Gordon Arrested For Domestic Violence

  1. Christianforreal on said:

    Yes, whoever did the brows, did a lousy job.

    I just want to point out something to you men. Counseling is what this man needs and ALL the women who have dealt and are dealing with him. However, for future, these are prime examples of why our children NEED their fathers. Yes, children need at least two healthy parents, but a man in their life is crucial. A healthy, strong father teaches his son how to treat the females in his life, his mother, his sister and the woman he dates and eventually marries. A healthy strong man teaches his daughter how to act around boys and men, as she grows. He teaches her what to expect and how to command respect from them. He teaches his son and his daughter how to stay away from or get away from the opposite sex who is unworthy of their time. A strong, healthy father teaches his children to respect themselves and others. He teaches them to command, not demand, but command respect from others. Men, please step up. And if you don’t have any children, be a mentor for some other fatherless youngster!!

  2. specialt757 on said:

    Gosh! Say it ain’t so, somebody? I can’t say he’s responsible for BK’s death, I wasn’t there and neither was anyone else, but if this idiot has a history of being violent, why are women still giving him the time of day? He’s broke, busted and disgust-ING and has nothing to offer, well wait, I assume is penis still works. Other than that he has nothing to offer, he’s apparently not a good man. It’s her fault tho, he’s just being who he is. a loser.

  3. So maybe those stories regarding his abusive relationship with Bobbi Christina Brown were TRUE.

    Lock this TURD up and throw away the key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Men who put their hands on a woman are nothing but PUNKS!!!!!!!

  4. Passing Through!! on said:

    You’re not a victim when you willingly data man knowing up front he has a history of violence. Look at the ho’s in line for Chris Brown they date them and then want to cry foul when they get their ass beat. Like Karrueche Tran dated Chris Brown after he beat Rihanna looking for a come up a way to get her name in lights (and it worked because she’s acting) now she’s talks about the abuse she suffered and filed a restraining order….GTFOH! Opportunistic women are so star struck by the idea of dating a celebrity just like Nicole and OJ Simpson, they ignored all the warning sings. And sometimes women are just stupid even when they guy isn’t a celebrity.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      She didn’t press charges which is usually a sign that this is a repeat cycle, she’ll bail him out, take him back and say it was her fault she shouldn’t have made him mad because she has no self-esteem to leave him.

  5. Ted Gravely on said:

    He’s going to kill someone. Oh wait…… What is wrong with women? He lays hands on her and she has visible bruises, then refuses to press charges. What is she hoping: he loves her; how about I don’t want him to get in trouble; we’re getting married; or my all time favorite- he’s my baby daddy. Low self esteem is a heck of a disease. I bet he called her some choice names as well. She probably has already slept with him again. Men can spot low self esteem and desperate women. He should be in jail, she needs counseling.

    • Mac Daddy on said:

      You are correct Ted. All the women here trashing Gordon while completely ignoring the weak, desperate girlfriend who refuses to stand up for herself and all women by holding him accountable

  6. Sheila on said:

    Nick Gordon should have been in jail. if Bobbie Kristina would have been white he would have been in jail with a charge of 1st degree murder and they would be picking an all white Jury to put him away for life.

  7. William lynch ( 1712 ) on said:

    Lol,he said his girlfriend is crazy,
    Now lets examine his brain vs hers,lol.
    Id say he’s met his match,lol.
    Now a wedding this june at
    The nearest mental institution
    Would seal the deal,lol
    Anybody agree.

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