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Yep, 35,000 square feet is plenty big for and office complex. But this ain’t that. It’s gonna be a house. A BIG house. OK, a BIG Ol’ MANSION for none other than Tyler Perry.

The story goes he’s been designing and building on the property for 3 years.

The mansion will be 35,000 square feet, but according to TMZ, that’s not the craziest part. It sits on 1,200 acres, which Perry will turn into an organic farm with horses and other animals.

Sources say Perry wants his son to appreciate and enjoy the land and the animals.

The estate is near Perry’s 330-acre studio … one of the largest in Atlanta and the entire U.S. He just made a deal with Viacom to produce a number of comedy and drama television episodes. Perry revealed recently that a portion of Black Panther (the Hong Kong segment) was filmed at his studio.

If you’re wondering, Perry spends about 9 months a year at the Atlanta studio and the remainder in Los Angeles.

Perry previously opened up about his joy of being a father to Aman. He told Good Morning America last year that his son was his “healer.”

“He is my healer because I look at myself in his eyes,” Perry told Robin Roberts. “Everything that I’m finding about growing up and the things that went wrong in my life, I get the opportunity to do them right for him. So he is my healer.”





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