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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Stacey Dash, the actress turned conservative political commentator, has filed paperwork to run for a congressional seat in Southern California.

Documents submitted Monday to the Federal Election Commission show the “Clueless” star intends to run as a Republican in California’s 44th District, a seat held by Democrat Nanette Barragan.

Registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by a wide margin in the Los Angeles-area district that contains the areas of Compton, Watts, San Pedro and North Long Beach.

A representative for the 51-year-old Dash didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. Dash hinted on social media this month that she was considering a run, even posting a “Dash to DC” logo.

Dash co-starred in the 1995 coming-of-age comedy film “Clueless.” She worked as an on-air contributor at Fox News until 2016.





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31 thoughts on “Stacey Dash For Congress? Actress Files To Run In California

  1. Tiffani Hall on said:


  2. It’s so sad that a fine lady like her would be so fucked up in the head. She needs to marry DAVID Chappell character the blind klansman. Your best accomplishment to black people is your Rick Ross Video.

  3. Passing Through!! on said:

    Who would vote for this clueless bi**h? Outside of being a Fox News bed wench and a proxy tool for the racist what has she done? She has no political experience, no voice, no agenda and she’s a washed up “D” list actress. She’s done absolutely nothing to prove herself except appear on Fox and display self-hate and hatred for minorities, all in line with the racist agenda. I’m sure she’s been programed with a bunch of Conservative talking points and like most black RepuliKKKans she will do NO RESEARCH of her own, won’t look at history or facts but simply take the bulls**t the racist feed her and regurgitate it word from word. And then when she gets into a real debate with a more seasoned politician she’ll end up looking like a fool. She will lose hands down, she’s in a party of racist white men who will never let a black or person of color lead. Ask Michael Steele, Herman Cain, and even looney Ben Carson all demoted house negros. They’ll keep her around because she’s cute and she’s whore’s with white men but outside of that the RepubliKKKan party has no real use for this Hollywood Auntie Mame

  4. Ted Gravely on said:

    In my opinion, when you run for office as a fixer – then you fix stuff or you are a failure. Stop blaming others or looking back. I don’t remember #44 looking back at Past Presidents like he was afraid of their ghosts or not being able to fill their shoes. You fix what you can with the hand you’re dealt. #45 has both Houses and a favorable SOCTUS. No excuses. I know racists, Sambos and losers want to make this about #44, this is about now. If the person in office is so great; stop the killings in the inner city, mass shootings, no more school killings, etc…. Fix it – now! Oh yeah that’s right, it’s not so easy. However, it is easy to just play the race card and blame #44 who has been gone now for over one year. Ms Dash thinks she is a fixer. Good for her. She will have support from some, not so much for others. If she gets there and I do mean if……..don’t blame others for what you think is an alleged mess. Since she is supposedly so good, get to work. I don’t care to hear leaders complain. Get to work, fix it, or shut your pie hole and don’t run. My opinion.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      On point again Ted! President Obama inherited the worse debt since the great depression and he never took shots as Bush for screwing up the economy or letting people drown during Katrina. He did his thing, found his own stride, saved the auto industry, passed universal healthcare, and got the unemployment rate down to under 5%. That’s what leader does when you have your own vision you lead by faith and not focus on the failures of others. President Obama was a Constitutional Law Professor he understands how government works, that’s why he was successful. You see trump is now trying to blame Obama for Russia, when he clearly surrounded himself with a bunch of criminals. I don’t waste my time listening to a candidate whose only agenda is to trash another candidate because that means you have no agenda of your own. I’m sure she’ll take shots at President Obama when she’s not fit to shine his shoes.

      • Ted Gravely on said:

        I’m tracking your comments here and above. You’re right, she’s not fit to shine #44’s shoes. However, the only way to push her further into the abyss is – vote. You’re also right about the GOP. Look at what a rep did to Michael Steele at CPAC. It is classic minority on minority fratricide. Can you imagine after 40 decades of success and service to the GOP, Mr Steele being told that his only qualification is skin color. Then they use a minority to call out a minority. You’re seeing it………as #44 said, just don’t boo – vote. We have to get active.

  5. Ted Gravely on said:

    This is going to be interesting. This is what involvement is all about. Run for office and run on your platform. Now having said that, if she loses, don’t blame African Americans. African Americans by and large are not her base. However, if she wins, African Americans shouldn’t expect her to do anything for their platform. Get out to vote people or run for office yourself. You too can exercise your rights!

      • @mcdummy— Prez Obama helped AA get healthcare, the blk unemployment rate decreased, he save the auto industry, etc, etc…..Thx Obama. The next question is, what has dum dum trump done for our community? Not a damn thing!!

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      Well said, but when she loses she won’t be able to blame the black community being a ReputliKKKan bed wench she can’t actually believe that she will get any black votes. If she gets elected she will have to have a land slide of white support (good luck black chick), just ask Ben Carson how that worked out for him when he was front runner for president and once that racist trump monster threw his hat in the presidential ring all of the white conservatives got behind the most racist candidate in the game. And not only she not help blacks but she won’t do s**t for the good white folks either. She’ll be another donald trump and have no clue what she’s getting into. And sadly her looks and poor acting skills won’t help her.

  6. justbeingme on said:

    Have several seats you need to stop self hating first and learn your history. The comments she said in her interveiws shows she has a problem with her blk side. She doesn”t understand about being blk in america. She will see now. When the racist white people come for her in this election. She will then come to relize that she is blk.

    • That’s great advice Mac Daddy. Ignore the “dark skinned haters” who make up the base in the district she’ll be running in. Did you not read the article she’s running in Watts, Compton, etc. That is NOT a plan that will work. Ask Alan Keyes, Ben Carson, Herman Kane, or even the ones who didn’t ignore them like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. It’s hard enough to win WITH them, much less thinking you’re going to win by IGNORING them. Having said that, I Hope she takes your advice. Stacy Dash is the LAST thing we need in Washington right now. (BTW, talking like that, you AIN’T NO MAC Daddy.) Get off the page.

      • McDummy is a white racist troll with multiple aliases on this site. He does what cowardly trolls naturally do. He’ll always be a coward as long as he has a Trump d*ck in his mouth. Oooops! Too soon?

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