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Juan Williams is one of the few African-Americans that works for Fox news and he explained that evangelicals sell their souls for Trump. Russ agrees with him, referring to the fact that a ton of pastors gave Trump a pass for sleeping with Stormy Daniels.

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One thought on “Russ Parr: Evangelicals Sell Their Souls For Trump

  1. Kenneth M Sears on said:

    I am an evangelical Christian, Juan. What do you want me to say? That he shouldn’t have had that affair? Of course he shouldn’t have. What else do you want me to say? That he should be thrown out of office because he had affairs? Funny, Juan, I’ve never heard you get particularly exercised over Democratic presidents who had affairs WHILE they were in office and IN the White House! Something, actually, I do not anticipate Donald Trump doing, unlike FDR, JFK and Bill Clinton. It seems to me you are really reeeeeally scraping desperately to find something to whip up as an issue…and all for what? What do you really want? For all American Evangelicals to storm the White House with torches and pitchforks and demand Trump’s removal? Lame, Juan, lame. I will say this—it seems to me the presidency is working a redeeming effect on Donald Trump. It is making him a better man. Call me cynical, or judgmental, but I do not for a moment believe it would have had any such effect on that Washington Power Fixture otherwise known as Hillary Clinton. The evidence of her time in power argues otherwise.

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