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Teens Wearing Sagging Pants

With all that’s going on in the world, South Carolina lawmakers are preoccupied with criminalizing saggy pants… coincidentally, a fashion choice worn mostly by young men of color.

But not always…

Democratic and Republican legislators in South Carolina seek to ban saggy pants throughout the state under House Bill 4957, which would make it illegal for a person to expose their skin or underwear by wearing their pants “three inches below the crest of his ileum” —the top of the hips.

If caught with their pants down, violators will be fined $25 for a first offense; $50 or three hours of community service for a second offense; and $75 or six hours of community service for a third or subsequent offense.

Violations wouldn’t be considered criminal or delinquent, or put state college or university financial help at risk.

Three Midlands lawmakers co-sponsored the bill: Jimmy Bales (D-Richland), Richard Martin (R-Newberry) and Russell Ott (D-Calhoun).

Other co-sponsors include Robert Brown (D-Charleston), Wendell Gilliard (D-Charleston), Joseph Jefferson Jr. (D-Berkeley County), Linda Bennett (R-Charleston County), Carl Anderson (D-Georgetown), Steven Wayne Long (R-Spartanburg) and Robert Williams (D-Georgetown).

The bill has been referred to the Judiciary Committee.

A similar ordinance was passed in Timmonsville in July 2016, where third-time offenders could pay a $100-600 fine.




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31 thoughts on “South Carolina Pushes New Bill To Ban Saggy Pants

  1. Blacks wearing their pants low enough for their asses to hang out is disgusting. Pass the law, if for no reason other than hopefully teach them some self respect and respect to others around them. Nasty sagging britches!

    • Does that also apply to these nasty, flat ass white boys walking around walking wide legged with their shitty draws showing? Or the wide ass Hispanics? You do know that all races of thugs walk around looking like sissies advertising juicy booties for sale, don’t you? If you didn’t, now you do. That’s two cents worth knowledge I just gave you for free. Use it wisely.

  2. African American Woman on said:

    Well if this bill does not pass, can they at least make it a crime to wear dirty, holey, too small and faded boxers?

  3. Good luck with that law. Most of the Black men in South Carolina will not purchase nor wear proper size pants and insist on showing their underwear and naked backsides. Disgusting!!!

  4. Yakamein on said:

    We’re our own worse enemy. It’s a fad people. Like burning bras and flags, Halter tops and Dashiki’s. Let’s stop trashing our youngsters “PLEASE”!!!

    • Fads ususlly have a life cycle of a short time, this has been going on over 20 years, that is no fad, that is just plain ignorance. Has nothing to do with guns and such as some others want to deflect. This is one issue, separate from the guns.

  5. Natalie Sykes on said:

    I don’t like to see young men with their pants sagging, if they start making laws against this poor choice of a fashion statement, what will be next. The right to wear braids or cornrows, rap music,etc. It is their freedom of choice to wear what and how they want to wear it. Again, I hate to see pants hanging low but this would be the first step to other laws that they will pass that will affect African -American culture that they don’t like.

  6. Where is the bra haaa bra haa haa haa bra haa haa haa haa when we see young and old men wearing their pants on the ground. If we want to shame these folks into wearing their pants up, just laugh at them collectively. Point them out and laugh at them. It doesn’t take more excessive legal penalties, that just makes them think its cool.

    • Yeah. Pass a gun law! Because we all know that, if they don’t believe in anything else, demented, evil, hate filled criminals don’t believe in breaking the law. That’s why Chiraq, which has some of the most stringent gun laws in the country is such a peaceful and crime free city. Pass a law banning saggy pants, and we’ll probably see more ashy ass cracks than we’ve ever seen before.

      • New York City has a crime rate lower than Atlanta or Chicago. In fact its crime rate dropped to its lowest in over 60 year,and that’s 3 years after Mayor Bill DeBlasio rescinded the racist “Stop and Fisk” tactic used by the NYPD to harass young men of color-including those with their pants appropriately around the waist.The problem with gun laws in those other 2 cities is that they’re located in and next to red states run by rightist governors who’d rather have their adult citizens fully armed than registered to vote.

  7. Christianforreal on said:

    Some of speak as if you LIKE looking at peoples’ asses and dirty underwear. Personally, I don’t!!! There are probably many more important things that lawmakers can focus on, but this is definitely an issue that deserves some attention. We, Black people, are always so quick to grab onto something that shows us in a negative light. We are quick to accept signs, symbols or anything that display us with such negativity. Why do any of you want your brothers, husbands, fathers or sons walking around looking like this? Really? Why does someone else have to tell you to pull your pants up and stop calling yourself the n word?! Why does someone else have to tell you to respect yourself and command respect from others?!

  8. Spicey49 on said:

    The fashion statement started in the prison system. It was used as a means for prostituting themselves. When the pants were sagging it meant they were available and open to having a sexual encounter. It’s still a big trend in the prison population today. With the younger generation coming in the system sagging their pants, several of the staffs in the prison I work at have let them know the meaning behind the sagging pants. Therefore, it they do not want to get call out or whistled at, perhaps they should stop pimping themselves.

  9. guest2 historty on said:

    Does anyone know where this stupid ignorant fashion came from.The slave master and overseer used to dominate the man who thought he was a leader among the slaves by raping him in front of every one and make him walk around with his pants below the butt to shame him. Men today
    who do that are ignorant it is sad. Know your History.

    • Mrknowitall on said:

      The first rapist of African slaves were black Muslims who were & still are slave hunters. Read a book on Muslims & their slavery cartels.

  10. Ted Gravely on said:

    WTF? Vote these legislators out. I don’t get the saggy pants, but I also don’t get why people care so much. I wouldn’t hire someone who came to a job interview sloppy, but if they are walking around minding their business how does enforcing this law go down? What next – cornrows, weaved hair, long fingernails, or how about fake eyebrows. It starts so innocuous and then it hits you where you care. Call then out on this nonsense S.C.. Show up and show out or fall for anything. This shouldn’t be a point of state discussion. Schools, restaurants, stores, etc can enforce dress codes. But if a style of an entrepreneur is wearing his slacks below his underwear band, you either frequent his establishment or go somewhere else. You don’t create laws that will target AA men and increase unnecessary interaction with police.

    • Maybe, just maybe some our African American people need to rethink some of these non senical trends before they decide to follow them. Guys that have no connection to NYC for example walking around with one pants leg up like LL Cool J. Please give it a break, every fad is not worth copying.

      • Ted Gravely on said:

        qckappa, I don’t disagree with your point. My opinion is that legislators have no business over reaching. This is about a dress code. You can ban that type of dress from your establishment or organization, but criminalizing saggy pants is another excuse to target one demographic. Let them walk down the street with one pant leg up, kid and play high top fade – just leave them alone. Issuing them a ticket is only going to increase tension with some communities. This is clearly targeting and discriminatory. No one targets the white guy with black trench on during the summer who has a large nose and earring. You just think it strange and keep moving. Why hate on AAs who don’t want to fit in, but not causing harm?

  11. Well in all honesty I agree with most of you. White people are always going to give other white people a big pass.
    The problem that our people just dont understand is that life in this country will maybe never be fair for us. I am sick and tired of seeing peoples underwear in public. I knew this law was coming and I am glad. Black people should pull their pants up and cut your hair and act like they are somebody going somewhere is what I believe.
    Another thing so far its almost only white males that are committing these atrocities. Hopefully, our Black men will continue to not commit these terrible crimes.

    • Case in point, look no farther than 45. He gets away with all kinds of transgressions and he’s not going to be held accountable for them unless Mueller can prove his wrong doings . He has definitely committed some, Mueller just has to prove his case.

  12. Sadly…five of the 10 proponents of this legislation are black member of the SC House of Rep. All five are black democratic males. As a South Carolinian, I will looking to see if they have authored any reasonable legislation.

  13. So, the dumbos in DC and S. Carolina are more concerned with the young men showing their asses than with some kid getting access to another AR-15 or assault rifle and KILLING UP INNOCENT foiks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This item should be placed on the back burner.

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