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Former NFL Player Rae Carruth sent out an apology from prison for his role in the death of the mother of his child Cherica Adams, who was seven months pregnant at the time. Carruth was sentenced in 2001 for conspiring to kill Adams, who delivered their son Chancellor before dying of complications from multiple gunshot wounds.

Carruth wrote a letter to apologize to Cherica’s mother, Saundra Adams, who has custody of Chancellor stating, “I’m apologizing for the loss of her daughter. I’m apologizing for the impairment of my son. I feel responsible for everything that happened. And I just want her to know that truly I am sorry for everything.”

Carruth also stated that Chancellor’s grandmother may not have much longer to live, and he would like to gain custody of his son. He wrote, “I should be raising my son. His mother should be raising her son. Ms. Adams should not be doing this and I want that responsibility back. I feel like he might not ever have his mother in his life but he could still have me and I could still make a difference and I don’t think that’s anyone’s responsibility when I’m still here.”

Saundra Adams responded to the letter by saying, “I’ve forgiven Rae already, but to have any type of relationship with him, there does have to be some repentance. And I think this opens the door. But I can say definitively he’s not ever going to have custody of Chancellor … He will never be raised by a stranger — someone he doesn’t know and who tried to kill him.”

Chancellor suffers from cerebral palsy as a result of his mother’s trauma during birth.




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19 thoughts on “Ex-NFL Player Rae Carruth Tries To Make Amends With Son

  1. This is a tragedy that is inter-generational. There will be no great-grandchildren for the grandmother. This bloodline will end because of that evil Carruth. I hate him and hope that he never sees the light of day outside of prison.

    • Anyone who heard the heartbreaking sound of Cherika Adam’s voice when talking to the 911 operator after she had been shot would hate Ray Carrupt and his hitman goon Van Watkins. Even in my wildest nightmares would I ever envision letting someone who had his child’s mother murdered in an attempt to kill him, so he wouldn’t have to shell out money to support his own child, have even limited access to him. I wouldn’t even consider a video chat. He didn’t leave a welt on his backside after a spanking. He tried to KILL HIM. Someone needs to make sure he stays far, far away from this child and his grandmother.

  2. This young man is in the condition he is in due to his father. I say NO. If he wants visitation, it MUST BE SUPERVISED with a law enforcement office present. Rae even told his first baby moma she could end up dead in a car accident. He did not want to pay child support. I fear Rae may try to harm this kid or is tryin g to get the kid to bother the grandmother. If Rae did not want to pay child support, Rae certainly can not handle a kid with disabilty that HE CAUSED.

  3. Ted Gravely on said:

    In my opinion, I think the grandmother understands that two wrongs don’t make a right. Also in theory, Rae might outlive her and his son might need him. She knows he killed her daughter. My goodness it would be difficult to face her murderer. However, as our system of justice will have it- Rae will be released from prison. I’m praying for the grandmother’s strength and wisdom. It doesn’t matter, but I can understand and support any decision she makes with respect to visitation. Also while people are on here – g/d’ing him, there is a woman somewhere that will sleep with him and hope that he gets her pregnant. Real talk – #facts!

    • Passing Through! on said:

      No doubt some woman will sleep with him there are ho’s lined up waiting, plotting as we speak to get in bed with this psychopath. OJ got groupies ho’s, The Menendez Brothers, The Night Stalker, all these murders have stupid ass mentally-ill tramps who will sleep with or marry them.

      • That is awful! Some women are that desperate and stupid to want to be with these psychopaths. I heard that even the evil Richard Ramirez and Charles Manson had paramours outside of prison. Ugh! Kill the visual!! An’t no sex that good to be with those things.

  4. This Rae Carruth character is a piece of work. He didn’t want the child when his mother was carrying him. He kills his mom and now he wants to raise him. Bitch Gtfooh!!

  5. jerry jones on said:

    commentors are exactly whats wrong with the americanized melanated community. how do you forgive and not incorporate. either you forgive or you dont. The horrible circumstances that transpired cant be undone but to continually relive and relive and relive until he dies or his son dies moves the story forward how? he deserves to carry the burden he created as the condition he caused his son is not gonna dissappear ever. im sure the young man has a long life in front of him.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      Nobody’s reliving anything but this MONSTER doesn’t deserve forgiveness. This young man’s condition will be a constant reminder of what Rae did and what this child may have been had he not tried to kill his mother. This is not one of those situations where we can simply look pass his wrong doing and say I forgive you! That POS doesn’t deserve to be in Chancellor’s life as a matter of fact he should be on death row or he should have gotten life for murder and attempted murder.

  6. Passing Through!! on said:

    You attempted to murder your unborn child and killed his mother because you felt like she trapped you and you didn’t want to pay child support. You ruined this beautiful little boy’s life and has left him permanently damaged and now you want a relationship with him…GTFOH! Rae Carruth is a sociopath, an animal, unredeemable in my opinion. Any man making multi millions and is too stupid to put on a condom you have no one to blame but yourself for getting caught up.

  7. “But I can say definitively he’s not ever going to have custody of Chancellor … He will never be raised by a stranger — someone he doesn’t know and who tried to kill him.”
    In addition to killing this young man’s mother. The grandmother said it right.

  8. Rae Carruth has no ONE to blame for the estranged relationship he has with his son.

    Carruth put a hit out and had the mother of his child MURDERED-simply because he did not wish
    to pay any CHILD SUPPORT.

    This POS does not DESERVE to have a father/son bond.

    The child was RAISED by his maternal grandmother who has done an excellent job,
    considering the fact that the young man has physical disabilities.

    Go sit down somewhere Rae.

  9. Please read the Sports Illustrated Article: The Boy You Couldn’t Kill as it speaks to the journey that his son’s grandmother as endured to not only raise him but take him to higher heights. How many woman would allow the man that killed your daughter and “attempted” to kill the baby some 18 years later get another chance? Pray for Rae cause although she forgave him he has tried to make “their” life a living hell. The grandmother has all respect and honor against all odds for a job well-done. Protect your grandson for even if you pass first, on that “threat” of Rae and make sure your grandson is protected and can enjoy some of that $900k and NFL pension if he can receive any. Again, just pray for Rae, boy bye and let them alone!

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