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The debate surrounding the state of school security following last week’s deadly massacre in Florida has increasingly turned to arming teachers and police alike on school grounds. However, were that to happen, the already high chances of Black students receiving the unjustified brunt of the scrutiny would likely increase despite data showing they are the least likely suspects for such school violence.

There is almost assuredly going to be a school security crackdown from coast-to-coast, with a New Jersey school district already announcing that it voted to add armed police to its school buildings.

Regardless of how teachers feel about having guns not only on school grounds but also in their classrooms, statistics have long proven that people of color are always among the first to be suspected by officials of any relevant wrongdoing.

Likewise, law enforcement has repeatedly shown there is no sense of urgency when a potential suspect is White. Beyond that, though, there are clear racial disparities in school discipline that disporportionately affect Black students, according to statistics reported by the Brookings Institute.

Those disparities would probably only be exacerbated by putting guns in the hands of teachers and police stationed at schools, since the objective would be to prevent mass shootings, for which White people are responsible more than half of the time.

Fifty-four percent of mass shootings in the U.S. are committed by white people compared to 16 percent of Black people, according data compiled by to Statista from 1982-2017. Those numbers skewed even more in favor of the former once it was revealed the Parkland shooter was white/Latino, as well.

As if those statistics weren’t damning enough, we haven’t even gotten to the fact that institutional racism has plagued the education system for centuries. “Racism in schools has serious consequences—from fueling the school-to-prison pipeline to traumatizing children of color,” ThoughtCo. wrote earlier this month.

The combination of the above three factors along with the predisposed bias teachers, school administrators and law enforcement have routinely displayed against Black students in particular makes the thought of giving these same teachers and police guns in schools all the more troubling.

Of course law enforcement’s primary objective is to protect and serve, but for so many years — hundreds of years, in fact — Black people have been on the wrong end of the so-called justice system. That trend, which is still flourishing to this day, extends to schools, where white teachers and law enforcement have been known to get so mad at Black students that they will either physically harm them or illegally restrain them regardless of whether there has been a violation of school policy.

Detroit Free Press columnist Rochelle Riley summed it up perfectly: “… America continues to allow [mass shootings] because [the shooters] are white … because you can be damn sure that if these shootings had been done by black males, there would be calls to round all up the young black men across the country until we could determine what was wrong with them — or until we, the collective we, which means the white we, felt safe.”

It’s high time for so-called solutions that don’t continue to harm Black students.




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12 thoughts on “Why Arming Teachers And Police At Schools Is The Last Thing Black Students Need

  1. D' Carlo on said:

    we need to pull our children out and educate them ourselves. These schools are designed to steal our childrens culture from them. They racist in the white house and education department want nothing more than to teach our children to act white. as if something is wrong with being black. and now they want to arm the teachers so that the teachers can kill our children whenever they dare have an independent thought.

  2. Honestly on said:

    Cave n!@@er irrationality run amuck. These fuckers are damaged beyond all hope or help. They should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  3. specialt757 on said:

    I’m not even going to go into how more black kids will be killed because someone “feared for their lives”. We already know that will happen again and again, I think it’s part of a grand plan. So NO is the answer to the question should teachers be armed.
    Where are they going to get the money to make sure these teachers are properly trained to use a weapon in case of an attack? Who’s going to pay for the guns and the training? Where is the money going to come from? According to everything we know, teachers are getting paid enough to just educate our students, they don’t have enough supplies, latest equipment or technology or anything else they need to be more than effective educators. But now our law makers want to make sure they are armed? Are you f-n kidding me? Why can’t they just pass a ban on assault weapons and any other instrument that will make a non-assault weapon an assault weapon? WHY WON’T THEY JUST DO WHAT THEY KNOW WILL WORK TO KEEP OUR CHILDREN SAFE? Greed wins every time and is the answer to all our questions.

  4. Ted Gravely on said:

    AAs you have a right to own a gun. Please go out and legally buy a gun. There are several black gun dealerships. Teach your kids at 16 to handle a weapon. Get the right permits and start to conceal carry and do so legally. When the law changes, work it to your benefit. This means that AA Teachers will be allowed to have a weapon. If AAs would exercise their rights, get on police departments, school boards, etc., you can stop or ensure that your voice is heard. Unfortunately, Americans love their guns. I would advise you to get one and train on it.

  5. Lone Wolf on said:

    Any of you posters ever heard of brainstorming? No teachers, but an armed security professional. My office building has had armed security for years. I’ve never been harassed nor have I seen any other people of color been harassed or abused buy the guards, to my knowledge. Why is that? Also, please no comments about this being the NRAs fault. NONE of these mass killers from Columbine, to VT, to Sandy Hook, to Parkland, to the Charleston church shooting were NRA members…NONE. But they were all MILLENNIALS. The generation that grew up playing killer and murder video games. And, watching the most violent Hollywood movies. Just think about those facts for a few.

      • Specialt, Ignore the troll McDummy. He can watch all day b/c his shift doesn’t start until later. Then he’ll be at the counter, Hi welcome to McDonald’s, can I take your order?”

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