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The half-sister of Michael Jackson has a new tell-all book in which she details years of being treated coldly by the Jackson family, snubbed directly by the King of Pop and bullied at school because of her family ties.

Joh’Vonnie Jackson, born the day after Michael Jackson’s 16th birthday, is the product of a 25-year affair Joe Jackson had with her mom Cheryle Terrell, according to the Daily Mail.

“I was very aware that I was in the Jackson family growing up, I saw them on TV, I listened to their music,” she explains. “But I was hidden away, kept secret for years, not able to become part of that family. It was hurtful.”

Eventually Joe Jackson’s secret daughter was revealed to the rest of the family, but the Jacksons wouldn’t accept her, Joh’Vonnie claims. Now 43, Joh’Vonnie is still close to her father and to his credit he tried to integrate her into Jackson family life. But despite his best efforts she faced years of rejection by those she longed to be near.


“I have met every single last one of them, but for some reason there has always been something stopping them from accepting me, from being close to me,” she says. “Of course when I was around them there was a show of love, but once I was gone there was no phone calls asking how I’m doing or how is my daughter doing, it’s upsetting, real hurtful and I still feel rejected.

“Even when my mother died in 2014 the first person who called me was their mother Katherine, the only sibling to call was Rebbie, she’s the only one who really cares,” she said. “I later said to my brother Jermaine, ‘my mother died.’ He started stuttering and said, ‘I was gonna call.’ It was a wake up call, it let me know my position in the family. As far as I’m concerned they can all kiss my ass.”

Joh’Vonnie recalls meeting her older brother Michael at his Neverland Ranch in 2003, when she was 29. The entire Jackson family was there for a family reunion.

“It was a big moment for me,” Joh’Vonnie recalls, “but Michael was looking at me and seemed cold and standoffish, he just said hi and then he saw my daughter Yasmine, and he was just fascinated with her, in awe. He said ‘Hi Jasmine’ and I said, ‘No, Michael, her name is Yasmine with a Y,’ I had to correct him. He said ‘Okay, Yasmine with a Y,’ and then that was it. He never acknowledged that I was his sister, there was no hug or kiss, not even a hand shake, no physical contact at all. I wanted to embrace him, I thought that he would wanna go some place quiet and sit and talk with me and ask me about my life and get to know me a little better. It was very hurtful, he wasn’t interested at all.”


Joh’Vonnie’s heartache was compounded by Michael’s continued interest in his then eight-year-old niece: “With my daughter he was totally different, she got hugs and kisses, everything I didn’t get, I’m woman enough to admit I was jealous. We met outside by the movie theater, there was a bunch of people there. I never did get a chance to speak to Michael properly. At the time it was very hurtful, again there was this theme that I felt shut out.”

Joh’Vonnie stayed with her cousin at a hotel in Santa Barbara, California that night rather than on the sprawling 2,700 acre ranch. She returned to Neverland the next day with a renewed hope of achieving a break-through with her older brother.

“I didn’t see Michael all day, he was in the main house,” she said. “Yasmine and Paris [Michael’s daughter] were off playing for hours, she was playing with her little cousin, Paris is such a sweet girl. I sat with the rest of the family. Jermaine and Rebbie talked with me for a while. None of my other siblings acknowledged me much though.”

Joh’Vonnie said that she was constantly taunted in school because she was Michael Jackson’s sister.


“I got beat up every single day because I was Joh’Vonnie Jackson.”

Joh’Vonnie and her mother lived just five miles from the Jackson home and Joe would visit most days, lavishing Joh’Vonnie with gifts. This was made worse when Michael’s parents ended up living separate lives and Joh’Vonnie, then in her early 20s, moved in with Joe in Las Vegas and worked as a baggage handler at the airport.

Unusually Joh’Vonnie is no stranger to the Jackson family home in Encino, having been there with Joe several times. She is also on surprisingly friendly terms with Jackson matriarch Katherine and even calls her ‘mother’ like her siblings.

Katherine knew of Joe’s affair which began in the early-1970s but her devotion to the Jehovah’s Witness faith led her to forgive him and accept Joh’Vonnie.

But for her siblings, acceptance didn’t come so easy.

‘I would be shopping in an apartment store and would see LaToya, but I couldn’t go to talk with her because I didn’t feel she wanted to talk to me.

In LaToya’s book, ‘Growing Up in the Jackson Family’, the singer wrote that her mother Katherine had referred to Joh’Vonnie as a ‘bastard child’ – now the title of Joh’Vonnie’s own book.

She explained: ‘That’s just how LaToya is, she just likes to create drama, she was setting me up for failure, she wanted ultimately for me not to like her mother and for there to be issues. I hung on to that and then I met Katherine and I couldn’t even see her saying anything like that about me. She was really nice to me, I think she was very hurt at the time of the affair, that’s totally understandable. No woman likes for her husband to go cheating on her and produce a child, it was probably heart-breaking. But you know she had come out of that, she let me live in her home, me and my daughter, we didn’t have to pay any rent. I worked to support my daughter and I took care of her home when she was not there. We have cooked together with have had good conversations.”

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JohVonnie Jackson has been my best friend since 1988. She is actually more than a friend but a sister. She grew up down the street from me and we went to the same middle/high school. JohVonnie is the daughter of Joe Jackson (aka Michael Jackson's father) and she will be releasing her new book titled "Bastard Child" soon! I still remember the day when she told me that Joe was her uncle, however I already knew he was her Dad because she looks exactly like him! And being so young I didn't realize why she was telling me that but the closer we became the more I grew to understand and boy it's a story!!! You can image how proud of this woman for doing this! It has been a long time coming and I'm so that she happy that she gained the courage to tell her story of the "Bastard Child!" She is a dynamic force! #MyBestFriend #JohVonnieJackson #thankyouforbeingbrave #AlphaWoman #Proud #IronRose #MsJackson #BFF #LoveherwithAllMyHeart #NewBook #TheRealStory #author #sister #iloveyou #proud #honored #friendsforever #book #history #makingmoves

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For Joh’Vonnie, she wishes the rest of the family could take a leaf out of ‘Mother’s’ book. Other than Rebbie and Tito, she doesn’t feel comfortable in any of her other sibling’s presence.

“I’m not interested in having any of them over for Christmas dinner, in cooking anymore German chocolate cakes for anybody, or any peach cobbler, Jermaine likes for me to make those for him, I’m just not even… no I’m good.”

Joh’Vonnie works in the timeshare industry and lives in Las Vegas with her 23-year-old daughter Yasmine who is studying to be a nurse. She lives just a few miles from dad Joe, 89, and sees him at least once a week.

Joh’Vonnie’s book ‘Bastard Child’ is available for order from Amazon.



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45 thoughts on “Joe Jackson’s Secret Daughter Steps Out To Promote Memoir ‘Bastard Child’

  1. She wasn’t a secret daughter, Their father hid it from the family. Nobody owed her anything but her mother and father. She’d should be mad at her parents about have she got here.

  2. Thelma Owen on said:

    This woman seems bitter, for being a award secret The jackson family main Mrs. Jackson owe you nothing. Blame your father Joe for hiding you away and making you a secret love child.

  3. The Jackson’s children seem to acknowledged her. Any support should come from her parents. Mrs. Jackson doesn’t owe her anything. She said she was at some of the family’s gatherings. She is always going to feel out of place when she is born under dark circumstances.

  4. This whole family is weird. Jermaine and Randy have children by the same women , This makes the kids brothers and sisters and cousins. Talk about some freaky stuff.

  5. Katherine Jackson is just as stupid as Camille Cosby. They have to have been living under rocks not to see their husbands were cheating dogs. In Bill Cosbys case he was a rapist. And this isn’t her fault so I don’t know why any of the Jacksons were standoffish with her .They should avoid their cheating father who had a mistress. You know Joe was screwing everything who could back in the day and Katherine just tolerate it .

  6. Praying for peace for all involved. It isn’t easy to accept that your father, the man that doesn’t seem to have shown much affection towards the older children, had an affair on your mother who was faithful and devoted, but also had a child during the affair with whom he seems to have an affectionate relationship with.

    • therealhousewifeofprincegeorgescounty on said:

      Thank you. So easy to understand, yet Joh’Vonnie or whatever is acting as if she just can’t figure it all out–self-centered, she is.

  7. I sincerely hope that not one dollar is spent on purchasing this “book”. Man, the cockroaches can come skittering out of the corners when they smell crumbs. This one needs to stop trying throwing shade at children that had no obligation to even acknowledge her forehead’s existence. The only people she should be writing about are her parents. Other than them, no one owes her anything.

  8. Passing Through!! on said:

    Joe Jackson is a piece of s**t! Always has been. Mentally, emotionally, physically abusive dominating control freak. I remember in the Jacksons movie how he got mad when Marlon got married, he controlled those boys entire life’s professionally and socially but he was out cheating and hoing around with other women. When the Jackson 5 got their brig break and moved to California he told Katherine and the girls they couldn’t come they had to stay in Indiana, Joe was a male chauvinist. He was a cruel hard man, and to this day he will never admit the role he played in damaging Michael and creating his inner demons and self-hatred. Joh’Vonnie has a right to tell her story it’s not her fault that Joe is a POS and a cheater, why be mad at her.

  9. WTF is wrong with some of you people!? You are acting like she DID something to you. It’s not her fault that Joe didn’t have enough respect for Katherine to use protection so he wouldn’t produce outside children. It’s not HER fault she was born under those circumstances. And if KATHERINE doesn’t harbor any ill feelings for her, why in the HELL would you?!! That’s so stupid. And also let’s be clear this family is dysfunctional, like a LOT of families. How many of the siblings don’t probably don’t have anything to do with each other and they grew up in the same household? How many of them couldn’t even gain access to MJ before he died? Didn’t Joe say he hasn’t met Janet’s son yet, so don’t make it seem like they are holier than thou. And whomever said she doesn’t look like Joe must need glasses. She looks EXACTLY like him. And I’m sure he got a paternity test with the quickness when she was born so he knows that’s his daughter. And if she has stayed rent-free at the Encino house, she’s fam. That seems to be the standard for those who ain’t making Janet or MJ money. The only question I have of her is if she’s been receiving financial support her whole life, why did she end up as a baggage handler? Why not pursue education and a career, especially if you are not musically inclined? I wish her the best. Let her tell her story as only she can. It is her right.

    • If the Jacksons can accept them white ass kids that MJ was passing off as his kids, then they should have NO problem accepting this woman.

      • Those “white kids” are not a reminder of someone who hurt MJ’s mother and the family with cheating.

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        AMEN JIM! And now Michael’s estates worth multi-millions its all going his black self-hate white children. He went against Sony and called Tommy Mottola a racist and then adopted all white children for his money to go right back to the white man.

      • therealhousewifeofprincegeorgescounty on said:

        I feel you regarding the white kid thing! However, nobody cheated on their mother to produce the white kids. So, there’s no constant reminder of the hurt their mother endured. That’s not easy to accept. As well, this young lady doesn’t come off as too humble or understanding. How some kids gonna just jump at the “chance” to meet their sister my another mother?! She’s ignoring how they may feel and their devotion to their own mother. She said they weren’t mean to her. What more does she want from them?

    • No one is making the Jackson seem holy than Thou, in fact, that is not the issue, it is about how they feel towards her and what she remind them of and it is their right to feel however way they feel. Like I said, this kind of thing is not limited to the Jacksons (and for the record, they have a family gathering every year even before MJ died, they ALL gathered together that May so a lot of what you are quoting is rumors. And yes, they have family issues like EVERYONE). But again, on this issue, they have to deal with their feelings on how to feel and it is also no one right to tell them how to feel either. Again, I feel for her but I also understand (having this done in my own family by some) the Jacksons feelings as well.

    • Also, in your comment “you all are acting like she did something to you”. I think some comments are harash (on this website, everyone is kind. do not read on other sites about her) but this is what happen when you go public. You OPEN yourself up to this kind of treatment (good or bad).

  10. If you all were in her shoes y’all would had done the same thing. I’m quite sure you all have like I say outside siblings out there that you all no nothing about until they showed up at a funeral. Especially in our race of people we like to act like we’re so holy and had never committed a sin. Boy you all will be surprise what your grandparents mother and father did back in the day. Don’t let those white outfits and big hats in your church fool you. Who knows what hidden sins lurks beneath it.

    • Also T, this is not limited to no one race, religious or not, poor or rich, this is a part of life. This is why as parents, we have to think when we do something, even in the bible it say “Children reap the sin for their fathers”. That mean why you do something, it can come back on your kin. In this case, Joe and Cheryl Terrell brought a baby into a situation where she maybe disliked due to what she represent; and he have to deal with his other children being angry with him and not wanting to accept her due to she is a reminder of what he did to their them and their mother (you c an believe Joe, as many folks who cheat, bring their feelings home on how their “side chic” treat them as well.

    • therealhousewifeofprincegeorgescounty on said:

      It doesn’t seem that the Jackson family’s issue is embarrassment or hiding past sins. It seems that the author of the book’s presence reminds the family of the pain their mother endured that was imposed upon her by their father. That’s the issue the author of the book, their so-called “sister” ignores. She said they weren’t mean to her; but she seems to have wanted them to hold a concert in her honor or something. She only speaks of how she felt, never how anyone else felt. She doesn’t know them; so, how does she even know she wants to be involved with them? Why? Because they’re famous? Her situation is the fault of her own mother and her father.

  11. Lauren Mayer on said:

    Johvonnie, you got to be kidding. You are totally out of your mind to think or expect this wonderful family to reach out to you. You are pathetic! Are you sure they are your real family because you look nothing like them. You and your mother are the shit in which Joe Jackson stepped in and brought home to his family. I hope you get what you deserve which is nothing….. I am glad Michael and his siblings didn’t accept you into their family. Why don’t you invest in some surgery…..Cow!

    • Regardless it wasnt her mistake. It was Joe Jackson’s wrong doing! I’m glad she is speaking out! Call her what you want. Calling her out her name just shows you are very limited in your mind !

      • Speaking out may only bring more pain to her, so who does it benefit. It is not selling well as this point and she is getting trashed on other sites by the public and now she may have pushed the Jacksons even she further from her. She has to remember the Jacksons are loved my many but those people do not care about her; and to use MJ’s name as a “focus point” who has since been gone for 9 years is not a good look and she is coming across as someone who want to use MJ to get attention and make money.

  12. Why did she want so desperately to be “accepted” by them? I can certainly understand the fascination, and maybe even the need for that familial connection, but once they made it clear that they wanted nothing to do with her, that should have shown her who they were. Would she have been as desperate for acceptance if they were “The Jackson Family”? Of course they should never have treated her badly because after all, she was an innocent child, but she should also try to understand that seeing her probably reminds them of their mother’s pain. And for her to actually be salty because the majority of them didn’t call her when her mother died is kinda crazy. I mean, come on lady, your mother was CHEATING with their FATHER! Did you really think they were going to reach out to you after her death, when they had never reached out before?

    • I agree. And she seem to want to focus on Michael. Why? As it was said, she seem to want to use MJ to make money and push the book. Time to leave Mike alone and stop trying to use him for self gain which seem to be the case. That is over on this side of life.

  13. African American Woman on said:

    So what? I understand that she is hurt, but to try and profit over this is ridiculous. This happens everyday- there’s an outside child born and the biological children of the parents aren’t willing to accept the child…yeah, its the cheating parent’s fault, but sorry, the wife and biological children are probably not going to welcome this child with open arms. Its a painful reminder of that parent’s affair.

  14. Luckylady57 on said:

    She is Joe Jackson’s daughter, she looks just like him, but to get the rudeness and uncaring treatment from her other siblings is not right, their father had an affair on their mother and she didn’t ask to come here, don’t blame her. The least they can do is be polite to her and treat her with the respect she deserves.

    • They seem to be “casual with her. Again, I understand her feelings (most families have someone in the family who have had an “outside” kid. I have an aunt done in this manner. My mother love her but my other aunt did not deal with her and they are in their 50’s and 60’s now). Again, this is NOT limited to her. Most kids will never fit it especially if they had a good mother who was cheated on. Katherine may be forgiving but most of her kids do not. And remember Joe was hard on these kids and that does not make it better to accept “his mistake” (I hate to say it like that but that is how she is viewed as many kids). And if a relationship will occur, it has to happen naturally and not be forced.

    • God bless you. You said it like more one else. Bringing children into the world is a part on the parents. Bringing families together is a part of the family no matter how wealthy or poor.

  15. Say What on said:

    Why is she trying to use Michael Jackson’s name to sell her book? Joe Jackson was NOT only MJ’s father, you have 8 other siblings which should have said Joe Jackson (aka father of the Jackson). I feel for her but she has to remember, she is a produce of an affair and MOST kids do not get close with children in these situations even if one or two do. And for Michael, MJ had ill feelings toward Joe and MJ loved his mother and he knows how Joe treated them. So if you are going to be mad, be upset with your parents. And again, Michael is gone, do not start trying to use him as your cash cow as everyone else did.

    • Kenny B on said:

      (“…So if you are going to be mad, be upset with your parents. And again, Michael is gone, do not start trying to use him as your cash cow as everyone else did…”) Hear, hear!! Say What Two Thumbs Up!

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