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Historically Black Colleges and Universities are among some of the greatest institutions for anyone to receive an amazing education at. The pride that follows after attending one of these schools is great, however the support is little.

Stanley Nelson has created a film called Tell Them We Are Rising: The Story Of Black Colleges and Universities to show the greatness of these institutions and how they’re coming back.

“If you love HBCU’s you’re going to love the film. If you know about HBCU’s you’re going to learn more. And if you don’t know what HBCU stands for then you’ll learn what it is,” explained Nelson.

Nelson explains that HBCU’s have something that most colleges and universities don’t have. “HBCU’s offer a real nurturing experience. They will work with you and help you to graduate,” expressed Nelson.

But the reality of these schools and their struggles is all too real. “It’s just such a visual metaphor because there’s graffiti all over the stadium the grass is overgrown,” explains Nelson of some schools. This is, “what can happen when you don’t support HBCU’s.”

Check out the film premiering on Independent Lens on PBS on February 19.



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One thought on “Filmmaker Stanley Nelson Says HBCU’s Are Rising And People Need To Know It

  1. Ms. Jones on said:

    I am a proponent of HBCUs. I didn’t attend one. It didn’t financially work out for me. However, I encourage students to definitely give HBCUs a legitimate look. That being said, I have found that some HBCUs are a bit misdirected in their recruiting efforts and there are too many obstacles in the admissions process. I know too many families, myself included, that have had to take a day off from work just to get answers to simple questions, or turn in forms previously emailed and snail mailed.

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