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Last week, a White professor at Princeton named Lawrence Rosen was teaching a Cultural Freedoms course and asked, “What is worse, a white man punching a Black man, or a white man calling a Black man a n****r?”  According to The Daily Princeton, several students (there were six Black students in the class) were shocked he had used the word. The professor reportedly said the N-word two more times.

White and Black students told Rosen they were uncomfortable with him using the racial slur. When students asked for an apology, the professor replied with, “I don’t think I need to apologize; I did not oppress anyone.” The students filed a complaint and, on Monday, Princeton president Christopher Eisgruber defended the professor at a town hall meeting.

According to The Daily Princeton, Eisgruber said, “I think it’s very important for our culture to have academic freedom that allows people to have pedagogical choices on how to teach difficult subjects. I respect Professor Rosen’s decision about how to teach the subject in the way that he did by being explicit and using very difficult words.”

A teacher, who the university happened to point out is Black, named Caryoln Rouse defended Rosen in an open letter, “This is the first year he got the response he did from the students. This is diagnostic of the level of overt anti-Black racism in the country today.

Anti-American and anti-Semitic examples did not upset the students, but an example of racism did. This did not happen when (Barack) Obama was president, when the example seemed less real and seemed to have less power.

I feel bad for the students who left the class not trusting the process. Rosen was fighting battles for women, Native Americans, and African-Americans before these students were born. He grew up a Jew in anti-Semitic America, and recognizes how law has afforded him rights he would not otherwise have.”

While there might be varying opinions on “trusting the process,” is using the N-word that important to the teacher? Even if this is the first time students said they were offended (other students may have been offended in the past but didn’t speak out), all he had to do was apology and not repeat the racial slur.

As we previously reported, Rosen claimed he wanted to give the students a “gut punch.” It is not his place to give the students of color at “gut punch” on the N-word.

Nonetheless, the course has been canceled. But it sounds like Rosen and his Princeton colleagues need serious cultural competency training.

SOURCE: The Daily Princeton





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19 thoughts on “Princeton University Prez Defends White Professor Using The N-Word

  1. mamaMama on said:

    I would never forget a Slave to beg for a Fake Jew’s acceptance’s and approval!!!! Fuck you. Too proud. Can’t be broken down. I will wait for your rebuttals. Didn’t Obama give you all something? And, didn’t Trump give you all Jerusalem?! So, fuck you. And, tell that monster Natanyahu that he us getting rid of the African Refugees because they are a reminder of the birthright he stole!!!!!

  2. Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me! We waste energy on the wrong things! That’s why we won’t elevate quicker!

    • mamaMama on said:

      Really. So, words never hurt? And, how is this slowing us down from progress? I think it is a step in the right direction. What kind of a stupid question is that, that he asked? Is it getting us anywhere? How is helping Black People move up in the world? Please, tell me?

      • No they should never hurt! We are taught to let them hurt us, just like anything else! Go to other countries/cultures and see why black folks are brainwashed and waste energy on everything except building there culture/community! We lost! Land of the lost!

    • mamaMama on said:

      You sound like a silly contradiction! So, we don’t have any lands anywhere?! We do, and, we fight for everything! This is not wasted energy, clown. You are, though. So, we shouldn’t fight name-calling, but, racism. You have no real solutions, or, answers. You sound ridiculous stupid. So, tell us, please how to use our energy, effectivly?

  3. charmerNupe on said:

    “I am a black women” – Cyn. No; YOU ARE A BLACK WOMAN and should only speak for yourself. That’s the problem – NO, You are the problem and blinded by ignorance and issuing racial passes when they should NOT BE! Ask yourself Cyn, is it really worth losing your dignity just to be accepted by the opposition? REALLY!!!

  4. I find nothing wrong with the question in a classroom setting. It appears that the question was appropriate for the course being taught. He did NOT call someone the N-word, he merely asked what the class thought was worse. Not an issue, whether the teacher was white or black. I am confused by what the real issue is here…and by the way, I am a black women…I am NOT offended. Appropriate dialogue regarding racism in a classroom setting is a good thing and it enlightens students who may not understand certain issues an opportunity to gain an understanding of how things affect others.

  5. mamaMama on said:

    I wonder how he feels to be called a,”Kike?” And, no one cares about his “Fake Jew,” upbringing. Shouldn’t he be talking about the real Jews? Instead, he is stirring up trouble between Blacks, and, Whites.

    I would ask him the same question. And, replace it with a “black” and a “Kike.”

    • What do you mean by “real Jews” you bigot? They were slaves in Europe just a few decades ago but they left at the first opportunity and didn’t stay and complain. They are not broke either. Wonder why? They have their own country and it doesn’t look like anything in Africa run by the blacks. Wonder why. Call me a bunch of names. That will make it all better and keep the lies going. There was a piece in here where they are calling the Chinese racists now. Who will be next? Is the entire world tired of this crap? I am not going to tell you to wake the f up because I don’t give a damn if you ever do. It makes zero difference to me. I don’t have to oppress you either because you have absolutely nothing worth oppressing. Why would anyone waste five minutes oppressing someone who has nothing? You don’t get rich doing dumb things like that. You end up living in mud and squalor doing that.

      • mamaMama on said:

        Anything else?! You are the bigot. Make sure you check that quote from Voltaire. I will continue to speak the truth!!!!

      • mamaMama on said:

        Semitic means, “Afro-Asiatic.” Yes, Fake Jews created their hardship only to profit with reparations. So, what suffering have you had? A few decades. You all are the world’s liars, thieves, and murderers.

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