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Sad news for American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino Taylor. According to TMZ, her nephew was shot and killed  in her hometown of North Carolina.

From TMZ:

According to law enforcement sources … the singer’s 18-year-old nephew died of multiple gunshot wounds Tuesday morning following an argument at a Greensboro, North Carolina residential complex that spilled out into the street.

Paramedics attempted life-saving measures on Ty, and he was transported to Moses Cone Hospital … but died shortly after. Cops have arrested a 21-year-old suspect, who’s been charged with first degree murder.

Barrino posted the sad news on her Instagram Tuesday, saying … “Auntie is So Sorry Baby. RIP to my Oldest Nephew Please Pray for his Mother and my Brother & his Stepdad.” Tyquan, who went by T.W., was the son of Fantasia’s musician brother, Ricco.

Ricco tells TMZ … he’s completely devastated, because he didn’t get to see T.W. in the morning Tuesday like he usually does, and now he’s gone.

It’s been a rough stretch for Fantasia’s family … her brother Xavier has been in the hospital for months recovering from a critical motorcycle injury, as well.



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11 thoughts on “Fantasia’s Nephew Shot and Killed In North Carolina

  1. White people give it up with your stupid posts. Black people know that you are white and pretending to be black. See, black people are not as stupid as you think they are.

  2. Rwanda Farrer on said:

    My condolences Ms. Fantasia. I’m sorry for your loss. I encourage you to continue to strive for success and support yourself and your daughter. Family members are responsible for themselves and must own the consequences of their actions. We EACH have our own cross to bear. 💔

  3. specialt757 on said:

    I don’t own black on black crime. I’m not the one who allow guns to outnumber people 6 or more to 1. I’m not the one taking money from gun enthusiast and manufacturers and foreign entities and any of the other ways they make it into the hands of the mentally insane or fools wanting to outdo the last fool. I’m not the dirty politician lining his/her pockets with the money from NRA and supporters to make sure they never mention gun control in the house and senate floors. And I’m certainly not the one pulling the trigger. So no, you can miss me with it.
    If the government were interested in putting a stop to the crime in our communities and/or across these here united states, THEY WOULD. I don’t own S**T. Talk to the hand. Greedy Grady YOU OWN IT!

  4. csteffie30 on said:

    We have a serious problem in the black community and until we own it, we will never fix it, we can’t keep looking to other people to fix our problems, we need to come together instead of always hating on each other, seems what we do best is down each, we could win an award for that.

  5. Young black men will continue to kill each other until older Black men ( fathers and grandfathers)return to the home …The young black boy is being raised by the black woman with little to NO black man involvement…Black men must return HOME to raise our boys again..Only then will the black boy realize WHO he his and have a purpose to his life and the lives of others…90% of youth offenders are from single mother homes !!.

  6. So sad that our young men are getting killed in the urban streets every day in this country.
    Even sadder when it is Black on Black crime!!!!!!!

    When will this MADNESS end-and we UNITE again?????????

    My condolences to Fantasia and her family.

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